How to Select Only the Visible Cells in Excel (SHORTCUT)

In this video, I will show you how to select only the visible cells in Excel.

This may be required when you have some hidden rows/columns in Excel. When you have some hidden rows/column and you copy a range with these hidden rows/columns, Excel automatically copies them as well.

And if you only want to copy the visible cells, you first need to select these visible cells and then copy it.

There is a really simple keyboard shortcut that I show in the video that you can use to select visible cells only.

This video is a part of my ‘Excel is two-minute’ series, where I share simple and quick tips to help you speed up your work and be more efficient

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Rick Avory

this simply did not work

Rajiv Bhattacharya

Thank you for the information got stuck in making mis , really helpful.

Alexander Moseley, PhD

I agree with Miles 🙂 Short and to the point. This will have saved me hours of filtering thousands of rows that are divided into 5 regions/systems. The only problem I had (on Mac) was that I could not copy merged cells in the headers, so I ignored them and transfered the data without hassle – then the merged cell headers can be transferred without much issue.

Geoff Swavley

Great video! Concise, no waffling – excellent!

Guru Prasad B M

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Below I have shared details like the Excel sheet, I need to insert the formula for filtered rows also, but it is not possible to get the same result.

Is there any formula or any trick to get the every 10 (Ex: 10, 100, 500, 2500, or 5000) rows the same repeated number like this. # A B C

1 Product Id Every 10th Row Same No Formula

2 95316586 1 INT((ROW(B2)-1)/10)+1

3 14008250 1 INT((ROW(B3)-1)/10)+1

4 51344786 1 INT((ROW(B4)-1)/10)+1

5 11564560 1 INT((ROW(B5)-1)/10)+1

6 90672105 1 INT((ROW(B6)-1)/10)+1

7 38951727 1 INT((ROW(B7)-1)/10)+1

8 31782715 1

9 68057986 1

10 73613927 2

11 59261066 2

12 99379070 2

13 49624137 2

14 38996910 2

15 22038957 2

16 24009973 2

17 19158543 2

18 93166423 2

19 43083752 2

20 65098014 3

21 28126129 3

22 37234830 3

23 50197572 3

24 92456682 3

25 56870745 3

Dr. Chandra Sekhar Kolli

Saves lot of time…..very good trick it is….thank you

sahil ahuja

Nothing is working with alt + semicolon . Pls give correct tricks ….and no dialog box appears with F5 . Pls check and help

sahil ahuja

It’s not working on big data which is having filter on it . Pls help

Mark Skolnick

Hi Sumit – how do I define the visible area, and all else is white or not visible at all? I am creating a form to send to clients and I want the client to only be able to view a defined area. How is this done?

Salim S

Thanks a lot. 👍

Kiyoharu Mori

You can also copy and paste in notepad and copy from notepad to paste back to excel

Puneet Vij

Sumit Sir,
ये मैने पहले कभी नहीं पढ़ा, बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद! ; )

5 am Club

I’m liking and have subscribed.
These shorter videos of 2-3 minutes let me learn as well as save my time. Plz keep less than 3 minutes

sam Z

Very helpful, and very informative. Thank you so much..


Excellent shortcut

George Tosounidis

At last, something i new already! I'm proud of myself now! 🙂 Thanks Sumit 🙂

Wayne Edmondson

Hi Sumit.. great tip. I've always used the shortcut ALT+; Thanks for showing how to get there with Go To Special; Visible Cells Only. Will remember that second method in the future. Thumbs up!

Vimal Kumar

***Please teach us VBA concepts from Basic to Advance level. Waiting from long time.

Vimal Kumar

Very useful Concept. Thanks a lot.

अजय शंकर

Good work

Devendra Bain

Thanks Sumit 👍

Devendra Bain

Dear sir,
Today you gave a solution to a very common error. Really useful.
Will it help for editing of visible cells only too, as it is also a serious problem. You will never know when your data get corrupted.