How to Sort Data from Left to Right in Excel (Sort Horizontally)

In this video, learn how to sort data from left to right in Excel.

Mostly we get datasets that are arranged in columns (with headers in a row). This is the top to a bottom format which most of us are used to. And when you sort this data, you sort it from top to bottom.

But sometimes, you may have to work with data which is on rows (i.e., the headers are in a column). And if you want to sort this data, you will have to sort it from left to right (sort horizontally).

In this video, I show two ways of sorting the data in Excel from left to right:
1. Using the inbuilt left to right sorting feature in Excel
2. By first copying and transposing the data, sorting it from top to bottom, and then copying and transposing it back again.

While using the inbuilt left-to-right sort feature is more convenient, a lot of people prefer transposing it as they are used to top to bottom data format.

I also cover how to create custom sorting criteria in Excel. For example, when you sort the data by region from left to right, you end up with – East, North, South, and West.

This is because the data has been sorted alphabetically.

But what if you want to sort it in the following order – East, West, North, South.

To do this, you need to create a custom sorting criteria which you can then use to sort the data (left to right or top to bottom both).

You can read more about sorting data in Excel here:

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Wayne Edmondson

Hi Sumit.. love your videos and teaching style.. very fluid and easy to follow.. as well as creative and informative topics. Thanks for the sorting tips. Very clever to use Copy=>Paste Special=>Transpose twice to go from horizontal table to vertical table, sort and then back to horizontal table. Also, I always forget about Custom Lists.. thanks for the reminder. Keep the videos coming.. very useful and appreciated. Thumbs up!

Umme Tanjina

thaaaaank youuuuu!!!

Lee Wei Hang

Your video is easy to follow. Nice!

Kuldip Kumar Rathaur

Thanks Sir Allot I don't know before watching your this video actually I was searching long time that how to sort value left to right in row ..but you given tow method.. again thanks sir keep it up.. from UP India..

Rahul Sharma

Hey Trump Excel

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Luiz Break

Man….. You are a genius!!! You just save my day. Thanks a lot and keep up your great work! Peach out!

Leonardo Pinheiro

Good video!
Thank you!


Thank you for this lesson. Can't believer I've been overlooking left to right sorting for so long.
Keep up the good work.


What a lifesaver!! What I needed to do was going to take me hours!!! and your tutorial immensely helped! Thank you!

salma alaa

think you very much sir sumit great & amazing  jobs

mohammad takbiri

hi, in part 1 when i go to options, sort left to right is off for me, could anyone help me to solve this issue please?

Stephen S

Can you do a video on how to reinstate settings to a new install from a previous install, this would be for after reformatting a HDrive.

Chandan Limma

Thank you sumit sir.
Good to see you virtually after long time.

Ariful Islam

Nice video, Thanks Bro.

Anton Donchev

Like your videos…Thank you!

habeeb rahman

Very very useful videos thanks.


Thanks Good doing.😊

Ranjita Shah

Very useful at my job
Thank you very much.

Mukesh Mishraa

Your all videos are very useful.

muthu raja

How many persons are born in all the given months and tell us which function can be used in excel to find out number of persons.
1. 02-Sep-1992
2. 03- Nov-1993
3. 04- oct-1994
4. 02-Sep-1992
5. 03- Nov-1993
6. 04- oct-1994

Success 555 Civil Engineer

New info. #Success555 Thanks bro

Fadi joria

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