How to Use Intersect Operator in Excel

Intersect Operator in Excel can be used to find the intersecting value(s) of two lists/ranges. This an unusual operator as it is represented by a space character (yes that’s right).

If you use a space character in between two ranges, then it becomes the intersect operator in Excel.

In this video, you’ll learn how to use Intersect Operator in Excel to find:
— The intersection of a single row and column.
— The intersection of multiple rows and columns.
— The intersection of Named Ranges.

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J.J. The Great

3:15 In newer versions of Excel, this is valid – no #VALUE error. It will return 649 523 – as a dynamic array! This is really cool!


Awesome ! The dislikes are probably from people who could not understand it.

Dominic Battisti

Wanted to find the intersection of two curves. Excel can't do anything.

Indigo_ Rash

Great explanation 👍


Excellent explanation. Understandable and to the point

Irfan Shekh

I am trying to use intersection operator but this is different from what your video has, I have an excel sheet in which I want intersection from certain columns, I am a garments merchant, I am selling on different marketplaces, like flipkart, snapdeal, amazon etc, each product has an SKU, Colour and size(S,M,L,XL,XXL). I want to calculate how many units of a particular SKU with a particular color and size are sold out, countif works with one range and one criteria but I have more ranges and more criteria, I guess intersection may work, please help me with this

Don Davis

love it, never thought of using that..awesome

Red Svain

Excellent, Sumit. Thank you. Steve

epaminondas neto

Great video! Its a little known function, I think.