I FINALLY Caught the KING of the POND!!! (BIGGEST One Yet!)

We caught the king of the pond!

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would love to come with you one day


Nice 🎣👌

18plus1 9mm

Clicked on this to see if it was ACTUALLY a young gamefish used as bait… let’s see….

Steve Boyd

Pond or not i would never use a bass for bait. lost me as a subscriber

Jonathan Funnell


Junior Laymen

When did you put bait on the baitcaster?


Just because you’re allowed to use a bass for bait in a private pond doesn’t make it right. Bass are gamefish and your ethics as an angler should stop you from making that mistake. You seem like an ok guy, but have some sense. Young people are watching what you do. There is a valid reason bass are not allowed for bait on public water. That same reason exist for bass in private lakes.

Mike Lachey

Actually, if there is any inflowing or outflowing water that can connect with any other body of water. Regulations could very well apply and using largemouth as bait could be very much illegal. Some states also do require a license and following of regulations even on private ponds

Ben Wardlaw

Damn son you need to come down south and catch some true giant cats!!!


So people know hes on a private body of water so its fine that hes using game fish as bait, but you never ever want to get caught by game wardens doing this on public water since its illegal.

Smell The Glove

Dang, can’t believe you got fish to bite top water this late in the season.

Rich Sutterfield

Man your video quality, production and editing is some of the best on youtube hands down. I've said that before, but watching this on an OLED 4k big screen is amazing. Every blade of grass, every bubble in the water, every color is vivid and sharp as can be. It looks better than real life, if that's possible. Hope you and your family had a good Thanksgiving, thanks and take care out there.

dee Bop

Now put that 8 lb minnow on a 16/0,,and cast it back out. That catfish was tiny

Dorian Hevrin


Current Electric llc.

Can you use game fish for bait legally?

Paul Rudolph

Catfish 🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♂️

Cam Barr

private pond or not it's not cool to use a bass for bait

Juman Budal manceng

Wow amazing

llessur doow

bass aren't bait ya smuck


The whiskers on that 2nd kitty were on steroids!!!

Zo Jones

You didn’t use the favorite bait of the channel cat. They can’t resist shrimp that has been left out a day in The sun

dave grohled

Man you can use all kinds of bait where you are. In Maine we can't use spiny fin fish or any game fish to be honest, like trout.

Joe McCreary

Is he letting his cut bait sit on bottom?


Catfish eat about anything and that bass could of been live lined and still eaten.

Harry Balls

I know it’s legal but somehow it bothers me that he used that bass for bait but I’ll get over it.

Agent Charles

Man. 400 Episodes. What a journey. Keep up the work Nick

Josh Dekle

It is wrong to use bass as bait they don’t deserve it

retired rick

awesome video man ,congrats on the fish

Kenneth Drown

Why fish if you don't eat em

Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva

Your videos are incredible, congratulations you are a very successful fisherman.

Hugs from the fisherwoman from Brazil.

God be with you!

Ryan Ayala

Stealing our lady’s i see

Brian Short

Brah….hooking an undersized bass as bait is probably the worst thumbnail you could ever use. I mean it is illegal to use a sport fish as bait….especially an undersized one. Just bad optics overall dude


I’m sorry to be critical but In the Bible I am pretty sure God says it’s an unforgivable sin to actually use a baby bass for bait. Think you need to go to confession really quick and never do that again.


I catch lady fish on the east coast of Florida all the time, they're fun fish, they jump out of the water when you're reeling them in

Doum Tekka

Painful musics. Maybe something less old fashioned, more modern, less Country.

William Massey


Paul Jørgensen

Using saltwater fish in freshwater is effective, you just have to use "fat" fishes like macrel, trout, hornfish ??, herring… They stink and leave a great sence for the predators to find :). Adcive from an old dane 😉

Tyler Woody

What song is this ?

Barry Todd

I hope you know that in Illinois is illegal to use Bass for bait. Based on Statewide Creel and size limits(page 9 of 2022 Illinois Fishing information) and page 8 of same document. No fish species may be dressed (filleted or head and tail removed) on any waters to which length or bag limits are applicable.

Noah McDaniel

Happy 400th episode 🎉🎉

Arcade Kaos

Here in New York you can't take bass unless it's at least 12 inches