I Found an ABANDONED Puddle Filled With Aquarium FISH! *Alligator Infested*

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I Found an ABANDONED Puddle Filled With Aquarium FISH! *Alligator Infested*

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What’s up Fish Guys and Gals! Welcome to the Barbs Buzzin (The Fish Guys) Youtube Channel! This channel is all about entertaining you all through sharing our hobby of fishing, fish keeping, and love for South Florida with you all. Along with that, we have a passion for giving back to the ocean and the beautiful marine animals that inhabit it. Which is why we started The Fish Guy Shop… Our mission is to create a community of people who will help spread the word of ocean conservancy and inspire change along side us. For every order sold at The Fish Guy Shop we will personally be removing trash from the ocean to help make a positive impact to our underwater world. Along with that, all of our packaging is 100% eco-friendly and sustainable. We hope you all enjoy our videos and know that we could not do any of this without your support!

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Barbs Buzzin (The Fish Guys)

Hope you guys enjoyed this video! We wanted to change it up and show you the beauty of the Florida Everglades!🐊


I love your videos I watch them every single day after school:)


Can u make a guppie pond from south Africa 🇿🇦

Spencer paul

What kind of fish were the last fish? You guys are making me wana move to florida just to have aquariums cant have massive ones here in Montana it gets to cold.


I love Ur vids and have been subscribed since 700k subs


Its monday we need the video now


If you look in the right place, you can find fire eels

Me B

get sea snacks for the swp

Jonathan pearl

Pin and like if I tricked you

..Read more

You really thought I would trick u???

Amanda Ferron

Where do you get those fish mystery fish box

Fishing DUDE Tarpon

You guys make the best videos, always waiting for you to post a new video

Dawson Tweed

Are y’all in Florida

Deyna Weatherly

You should come here for your alligator gar for your tank at home we need one that's larger than 15 anxious that last one we saw in your up on the bridge man that was a slick animal and would have look absolutely amazing in your tank


A catch and cook would be crazy!



What that guys name

You’ve got to add a big largemouth bass to the freshwater pond. It would be sick and a smallmouth bass to they would be like pots and pans. But for the 4000 gallon.

Brandon faulk

Great spot drop a trap

harrison ullrich

Give earl the means to make himself a cave/burrow

Alexander Joyeau

Here's a cool fish trap for you fish guys

Claudia Contreras

Pls put
Me in your next video I have been a subscriber for ever


Absolutely love your fish. They are awesome ❤

S Th

The videos is so brief and lacking content.. …

Mr P

Aquarium fish???

Psych 101

go to meet nick bingo he is a youtuber he has a cool huge saltwater pond filled with monster fish

Robert Mastropietro

Finally something different no offense but was getting bored same stuff every video

Logy Cat

Omggggg ur so awesome

Gaming time B26

get a baby gator as a pet

Gaming time B26

i thought u were getting those gators as a pet

mariam rodriguez

Great video. What an amazing place so beautiful 😍

Alan OReilly

you should do a video with Bass Fishing https://www.youtube.com/@BassFishingProductions

Alan OReilly

Alligators are small, come to Australia and look at our Crocs


8:54 R.i.p Florida Granny 🥲

Leilani K

Where's the aquarium fish you caught????

Josh Harding

2nd Attempt at requesting Manager Brooke gets and designs her very own pond! (Or aquarium)

Yash Chhabria

Bro the OG sponge and pat are looking niceeee and this video is reallllllllyyyyy cooooooooooolllll it's new and amazing


Cool video! Never been before, Are the everglades saltwater or freshwater?

🇨🇦 🍻

lester neil

Beginning of mankind got me lol

Sport Fishing With Sam

Can we get an update on the cuttlefish

lester neil



I want to see the fish guys catch a double digit bucket mouth!

Cruz Stanley

Next time bring a big cooler

wwe and more

freshwater fish yesssssssssssssssssssssss i love freshwater like my saltwater

Giariel Quiles

Best fishing content on YouTube

lester neil

Fish pressure

Madison Novakowski

Sorry I’m late but this video was amazing.

Janelle Krivoruk

That was such a great vid it’s so cool to see the anglers again the Everglades are so cool full of gators pythons gars and a whole lot more

Elijah Hamilton

I think we need an everglades series