I Transformed my PC into a Fish Tank

This week, I turned my PC into a fish tank for my new tiny friends, Puff and Peewee 💛

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Puff and Pewee are the world’s smallest pufferfish! A few weeks ago, I picked them up from my local fish store and since then, I’ve watched them put on weight and really come out of their shell. I transformed my PC (personal computer) into a functional aquarium for them. It’s equipped with RGB fans and actually works! It’s small, but powerful, and I can play Minecraft on it like champ. Puff and Peewee are so much happier in their home at the studio.

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Aquarium Info

Happy Holidays! To celebrate, I'm giving TWO of you a Wetpets NANO aquarium kit. Make sure you're subbed. So thankful for all of you 🦃

River Noelle Segreto

So awesome! And I bet the tank will help keep the PC cool 👌

Gamingph TV

Wow beautiful idol

Cookie yay dancing

I spotted the easy and the hard but not the medium

Nate Deku

Make a tv fish tank or a clear bed fish tank🐟🐠

Morgen’s Zoo

So impressive


I didn't find the stingray 🙁

Efren Rodriguez



Omg!This is incredible,but it really is weird but looks so good,this is why I started to watch a lot of your vids!

Sarah Mroz


Luca He

Next thing she's gonna make is the earth (same size)

Shayna Carey

Puff and Pewee 💛
Wooaahhhhh, I didn't know it would be a functioning PC aquarium, that's amazing!
Puff and Pewee💛

Mafalda Pires

I spotted all of the things you were hiding

Soviet Union

i found the hard one

Aaron Hernandez

Done have a goood day

Cammy Huynh

I found all of them


Can we just appreciate how much work and money she puts into her videos?


I found all 3

Asli Saglam

Can you do ele pls you newer do ele plllssssss🎅🥹

Wolf gamer

I saw the aoloto😊

Wolf gamer

I saw the🐳

Wolf gamer

I saw thw 🐢

Kara-Be-An Big-raz

When your PC package arrived I forget which character was but when you flipped it I saw the blue animal

Kara-Be-An Big-raz

I found the turtle right after you found out you couldn’t do much because there wasn’t enough space on top of the tank is where I found it

The Crow

Here's a joke: there's two guys walking down the street one guy has a black eye the other guy asked him who gave you that black eye the guy says No One Gave It To Me I Had To Fight For It 😎

Kara-Be-An Big-raz

I saw the pink thing on top of the fish tank

Dave Cook

She spends so much money on us ❤ Jamie You do amazing work


Found all of them




I found a turtle



marti costache

I SAW THE HARDEST ONE OF THEM 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩💙💙💙💙💚💛💚💛💛🧡🧡💜💜💜💜❤

Super leo wallie

I have subscribed where is my fish tank please


I subscribed

spinning gaming 2011

1 st 0.54


Can you make a mad hatter tea time aquarium. Something with crazy colors and shapes with a tea pot pouring water into the tank from above?

Stud Clone

Do an fridge!

dewakar Dewakar

Amazing mam🙏🏻

matt reagan

at 3:00 minutes in you can see the axolatle


Fissshhh !


Really good


So cool !

Timothy Watson


Vir Partap Singh


Lal Tlanmawia

Damn so unique and creative ideas that you got😍love it….