Idaho Supreme Court lifts stay on both abortion trigger law, SB 1309

The Idaho Supreme Court has issued its decision in two lawsuits filed by Planned Parenthood over Idaho abortion laws, opting to lift the current stay on SB 1309, the Texas-style law that authorizes relatives of a fetus aborted after six weeks gestation to sue for minimum damages of $20,000; and not to issue any stay on Idaho’s “trigger” law, now set to take effect Aug. 25, which will make all abortions, at any stage of gestation, felonies except for three narrow exceptions.

To read the full story from KTVB’s media partner, the Idaho Press, visit

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Women 4 Life

The "woman's rights > fetus' rights" is a very poor inequality because it is trading on a fundamental dissimilarity. In well over 95% of cases, it does not come down to the choice of the mother's life or the baby's life. Thus what the pro-abort should be saying is "woman's convenience/freedom from some life struggles for a year or so > the life of her child". Funny that they never state it that way.



Crazy Eddie

I love this so much.

🇺🇸⭐🇺🇸 MAGA🇺🇸⭐🇺🇸

Sunshine Denney

Criminalizing health care is inhumane

Dan Johnson

Love how @KTVB only published one side of the opinion on this issue.

And how laughable the excuse is to call killing babies “health care”. “Planned “Parenthood” making money killing. Sick.


baby murderers need to kill themselves

Liliy White

If altar boys got pregnant Catholic priests would be pro-choice.