India’s Quest for Maritime Security | Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar (Retd) | Ep 82

India’s Quest for Maritime Security | Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar (Retd) | Ep 82
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Deepankar Akoliya
Neha Verma

Request: Respected Major Sir, Please make an exclusive episode in Hindi(English maybe later) on shabby and gross treatment of the great General K S Thimayya by Jawaharuddin NeH00Ru🙏 Let the truth be unconcealed by you 👩‍✈️(salutes) कालिका माता की जय😍 दादा किशन की जय😊 Thank you for your services to the Dharm(Rashtra) 🙏

Two and a half Front

Excellent insights 👍 👏 🇮🇳 💪 Jai hind


Camera man is so slow

N Rao


Outside of a few new processes (SLOC, etc) what else is new? Why do Indians spend so much time in silly analysis and then do nothing? I bet he can dust this same speech in 20 years and it will still be valid.

Chanakya was a practical man, not a theoretical guy. Come up with sustainable solutions. Enough analysis Major Saheb. This is worthless unless we have lasting solutions.


Sorry And A Brilliant Talk 😊👍🏽👍🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽👌🏽👌🏽🇮🇳


Brilliant information. Thanks a Ton to The Vice Admiral

seo sea

Jai Hind 🙏

No One

वंदे मातरम् जय हिन्द।

सोनिया सनातन हिन्दू शेरनी

Indian navy is on the mark . 👌
Lately indian navy has received the P15B Ins Mormagaon destroyer which Is a Visakhapatnam class destroyer… needs to add more into the class with more vertical launching system (70 to 100)

Neha Verma

६५ Blunders ०f Chahch4-20: 😐
1. Rejected a permanent seat at the UN
2. Rejected Nepal’s offer to join India
3. Rejected Balochistan’s offer to join India
4. Created the Kashmir issue
5. Presided over the disastrous Sino-Indian war
6. Refusal To Enter Nuclear Deal
7. Nehru rejected a US offer of helping India with the development of a nuclear device in 1964 perhaps because he was a proponent of
8. Led the ill-conceived Non-Aligned Movement
9. Indifference towards Goa
10. Favoured Socialism instead of free-market Capitalism.
11. Ignored Corruption
12. Clung to Power for too long
13. Curbed journalistic freedom and freedom of expression
14. Failure to encourage, promote and implement universal primary education
15. Toppled democratically elected Kerala government in 1957
16. Gifted Pakistan
17. Didn't allow Sardar Patel to be the PM
18. Gifting Manipur's Kabo valley to Burma
19. Gifting the strategically located Coco Islands to Burma
20. Refusing the Sultan of Oman's gift of Gwadar port
21. Giving up on Tibet, placing India's water security and northern border at China's mercy
22. Signing the most unequal treaty in history
in 1960, PM Nehru, for the sake of "friendship" and "goodwill" signed one of the most unequal, lopsided treaties ever — the Indus Waters Treaty, giving Pakistan ownership of over three-fourths of the water the flows through the Indus System of Rivers located in India. Pakistan reciprocated Nehru's gesture of goodwill by invading India just five years later.
23. Hostility towards Sardar Patel's restoration of the Somnath Temple
24. Obstructing Sardar Patel's plan to liberate Hyderabad from the murderous Nizam
25. Nehru had a total impractical approach to integrating Kashmir with rest of India. He didn't allow Sardar Patel to deal with Kashmir issue. Patel was quite successful in integrating other troubled regions such as Hyderabad Nizam's province with India.
26. During the Indo-Pak war of 1948 when India was gaining back the Kashmir captured by the invaders, he prematurely went to the UN Security Council. This was a great strategic mistake. India now wants to distance itself from 3rd party intervention in the dispute and the UN resolutions on this, but it is Nehru who did it in the first place. 
27. Moreover, We were winning the war against CHlN but Nehru didn't allow Air Force to participate and we lost Aksai Chin area
28. No Initiative on Sri Lankan Tamil Problem
29. Giving Away 55 Crores to Pakistan
30. Usurping Congress Presidentship in 1929
31. Nehru’s Undemocratic Elevation as the First PM
32. Unplanned & Grossly Mismanaged Partition
33. Article-370 thanks to Nehru
34. Article 35A for J&K, Again thanks to Nehru
35. Ignoring Illegal
36. Neglect of Agriculture
37. Throttled Industrialisation
38. Messy Reorganisation of States
39. Messing Up the Language Issue, Promoting Urdu & Persian-Arabic Script, Neglect of Sanskrit
40. Setting Jinnah on Path to Pakistan
41. Nehru–Liaquat Pact 1950
42. Erroneous Nehru-Era Map
43. Rebuffing Israel, the Friend-in-Need
44. Scoring Self-Goal—Ministry Resignations, 1939
45. Assam’s Security Compromised
46. Aborted ‘Cabinet Mission Plan’ for United India
47. NWFP Blunder 1946
48. Distorted, Self-Serving Secularism & Minorityism
49. Not Seeking Reparations from the British
Nehru and the Distortion ofIndian History & Heritage
50. Paying Respects to Babar
51. Nehru & Netaji's Stolen War Chest
52. Gross Treatment of INA
53. Gross Treatment of Netąji Bose
54. Gross Treatment of Bhagat Singh & Azad
55. Gross Treatment of Veer Savarkar
56. Gross Treatment of Sardar Patel
57. Gross Treatment of Sardar Patel's Daughter Maniben
58. Gross Treatment of Ambedkar
59. Gross Treatment of Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee
60. Gross Treatment of Dr Rajendra Prasad
61. Gross Treatment of PD Tandon
62. Gross Treatment of Bordoloi
63. Gross Treatment of General Thimayya
64. Gross Treatment of Public
65. Special Treatment for Edwina Mountbatten