Inside Joint Effort Between U.S., Colombia Law Enforcement To Combat Cartels

NBC News’ Julia Ainsley has an inside look at the backstory of her reporting on a partnership between the Department of Homeland Security and Colombian police. The mission aimed to arrest cartel leaders and human smugglers before their drugs, weapons, and trafficked migrants reach the United States.

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The ratio of actual news content to "let's talk about me" is way too low in so much of today's international journalism.

Slow Poke

This is about being white

dian zidan

Specify the goal and need money

Jane Doe

Great reporting! Glad we r seeing something done about those trying to profit off false promises given to these migrants, especially since the gop backed out of a new immigration bills during Obama and Trump bc the gop would rather use the issue to campaign on, not come up w/solutions to address any problems. I find it funny that republican voters haven’t caught on to the GOP’s tricks and tactics, they us vs them (a minority in the population), divide and conquer the M&L classes weaken the power of the ppl and allowing the wealthy and corporations to maintain majority power most of the time w/in state/federal government and the judiciary. Republican voters r increasing that which they say r their priority problems w/out even noticing it. We’ve seen the same gop tactics used for the past 42yrs and republican voters haven’t caught on to GOP’s cons, the us vs them/divide and conquer, the political investigations that they do of the Dem in the WH or other high profile Dem prior to every presidential election dating back to at least the Carter administration anytime they control the house or senate, the fear based politics, pretending the gop is the party of “law and order” when the gop commits more crime than any other political party and red states have high crime rates per capita than blue states, etc. It’s unbelievable!

Paul Crist

Thanks Joe

BTone Major

F#*N A+ USA. That's your neighbours and summer destination. Let the GOP do some honest and dangerous work for once 💯👍


pointless reporting, no numbers, no statistics & no new news all she reported about was her safety & her trip.


Unfortunately, Colombian government is in another peace accord, yes like that peace accord that trewarded narcoterrorists, the SANTOS-FARC accord, is everything but a peace accord, Petro's government in Venezuela is doing the same with narcoterrorists, but violence, masscres, attacks are daily, thre is no such thing, they continue with narcotrafic, while getting seats in congress, and the polititians getting rich in thte process. PETRO IS THE WORST PRESIDENT, ELN AND FARC EP, ARE DOMINATING NOW IN COLOMBIA AND THE PEACE ACCORDS JUST WORK TO SUPPORT THEM WHILE THEIR VICTIMS ARE NOT EVEN TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION, MOST VICTIMS OF FARC ARE ACTUALLY THREATENED, OR KILLED, AFTER THE FAKE JUAN MANUEL SANTOS PEACE ACCORD.



Noi Komuangmu


Edward Moore

So we know our boy and his brood are sitting on several billion dollars given by a murderous Saudi , and could as easily get more from him with just a whisper. You're a bubbling, effervescent, beautifully loyal fan and not only would vote for him again, but would swear on a stack of Bibles that his last election was stolen from him. My goodness why don't you ask him for a few dollars if your having a little inconvenience. Surly he could help. Surly he would help, even a hundred might help. He's such a swell guy and has a friend who can keep giving him billions to bind their friendship. He might even take care of any inconveniences that stand in his friends way, since he has the apparatus on hand. Actually they are in realty bird's of a feather in that regard.