Insurance Company does a good thing?

No, not even close

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Hidden joke, “Schlecht” is German for bad 😂


The fact that "Schlecht" translates to "Bad" from German is hilarious.

Wendy Muhr

Paying off my colonoscopy right now 😞

Juan Starnotip

My insurance didn't pay for my x-rays because they were deemed unnecessary. The x-ray was ordered to see if I had a fractured rib. How is that unnecessary!?

Zach Jones

Sehr schlect!

Amanda A

Oh wow i didn't know this! There's so much red tape when it comes to insurance 🙄 thank you for educating us on situations like these.

Brandi Rose

Bullsh*t!?! This can actually happen IRL!?!?!?

Nicholas Nace

I deeply appreciate the German wordplay


This makes me want to chew glass


Yeah, they do this & it makes no sense. If you know you need a colonoscopy, they won’t cover it but if you wander in for one they will. Which means people who definitely need them push them out, which leads to higher incidence of cancer which is vastly more expensive than a raft of colonoscopies. Penny wise & £/$ foolish.

Butacup Pucatub

So true! I don’t know why, but insurance companies don’t want to adjust things because a simple mistake was made. Sadly, the patient is always in the middle.

Sarah Guthrie

Why do we have insurance companies which deny proper medical care. Wut world did I wake up to. 😰

emmanuel boakye


Angel Cat ❤️

Insurances wanting to be congratulated for doing something they were already supposed to be doing in the first place.

Jenny Valtin

Ugh, I needed a sleep study and my insurance was a pain in the ass. I was told that in order to get a lab study covered I had to do a home study first, then the lab one would be approved. So I dutifully did my home, and then lab study. Months later I get a bill for the lab study. So I call up the doctors office and ask "What is this? It's been over six months and insurance was supposed to fully cover it". They tell me that insurance denied it and that's all they know. Ok, whatever, time to call insurance. Who tells me it was denied because I already had a sleep study and they only pay for one. I clarify that I did the home sleep study like I was told I had to, and then the lab study. They confirm yep, we only paid for the home study so the lab study can't be covered.

So, according to insurance I had to have a home study to get my lab study paid for, but because I had a home study they wouldn't cover my lab study. WTF?!?! That's saying "We'll only pay for B if you do A first, but because you did A we won't pay for B". After two appeals with the help of an external company they finally covered it. But by this point I'd had to pay the bill so my doctor's office wouldn't kick me out for not paying. It took them several more months to refund the money.


This is just so on-the-nose. For-profit healthcare is a human rights violation.

James Decker

I’ve debated between chewing off a limb and talking with insurance a few times. Thankfully I still have all my limbs…

Solomon Ucko

What does diagnostic vs screening mean?

stephen-nicolas Carbonneau

Should the Doctor pay the difference for his error? Just kidding. Always fun to laughs at the healthcare system of the most powerful country.

Liz Ross

Yep I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy a few years ago I'm still paying off. I had a long-term EEG and they said I'd have to pay $1500 out of pocket to hit my deductible bc I'm healthy otherwise with insurance or $990/day it was on and it was on 4 days out of pocket.

Stuart Rodgers


Char Aznable

Non American here , why is this the state of your guys healthcare and why aren't people revolting or protesting???


Love working for a drs office. “Patient needs this test. Got into a bad accident. X-ray shows nothing broken but still a lot of pain”
Ins: we’ll if the X-ray shows nothings broken, you don’t really need this test. Try physical therapy and get back to us
Us; yup. Not working after a month. Can you approve this test?
Ins: send the accident notes, all your PT notes, dr visit notes, your recommendation and X-rays and well let you know if it’s really needed or not. Probs not though. Try PT for another month and we’ll redo this whole thing and maybe we’ll approve it. And if we do, they have a week to get the exam done otherwise they’re faking and we’re not extending the approval. Good luck!

I hate health and car insurance companies.

Yuval Talya Nehemia

I mean other countries aren't perfect, but thank God we're not the dumpster fire that is the US of A.

Michael Pokrivnak

Full Universal Healthcare FOR EVERYONE

Faraz Alam

Yeah. The insurance people are wierd..
Just like this Girl with facial hair.


I think Medicare over all is decent but I know (at least traditional Medicare) makes this distinction and bills the pt for diagnostic-a complaint that providers have made for a while 😡


Sehr schlecht



Stephanie D

Omg, I had no idea this exact issue was a problem until a patient brought it to my attention after having a positive Cologuard test and being told he would be charged for the colonoscopy. It's so frustrating.

Geidi Rodríguez

As a medical assistant for a GI Dr, i stressed out seeing this


This is a reason I love my country—it costs more for a bus fare to get to the hospital than it does for a procedure.


It makes me sooo made when a Dr comes into a patient's room and talks about insurance.

I got so feed up with one Dr trying to make a relative of mine leave the hospital before time.

When a second Dr came in (I was going to mention it to him) he started right off complaining about a Dr getring on him about releasing a patient.

I asked who the Dr was, he refused to tell me. But, went on to say, I am for the patient healing and getting better. I don't worry about insurance companies.

My response was, I know who you are talking about. I was about to tell you that this Dr did that very thing to my relative.

I told him if that Dr comes into the room again, I would let them know: firstly, you are a Dr, stay in your own lane. Unless you are paying the bill I don't want to hear anything about insurance from you.

Geez USAmerican get with the rest of the so called "developed world", and get universal one payer healthcare for all.

Callie Masters

My insurance company pays me $50 if I get a colonoscopy. Just as soon as I get around to it… 😕

Rachel Beth

Schlecht 🤣🤣

My college German classes finally paid off.

Sean Spartan

Balance Billing isn't a thing in California anymore.

Co B

I work for an insurance company. I am sorry to all of you.


Sometimes I hope with all my heart that what you are saying is 100% joking…unfortunately…it’s not so

Blank Line

Just some news from our country: Kids with type 1 diabetes in the capital are now getting a free system for checking their insulin level, that connects to the app on their phone and signals to them if something is wrong. They are getting new ones for free every 2 weeks. They are planning to do this across the whole country in a year and a half.
Oh, insulin is also free for everyone, who is officially diagnosed.

(this is just an example. Many things like this are actually free here, especially in the kids care)

US citizens really need to start speaking up about their ridiculous health "care" system

Zack Felker

The doctor’s malpractice insurance and the patient’s insurance can fight it out, but the insured shouldn’t see a bill for that. Not how it works of course.


As a hospital social worker, I hate insurances so much! This is always the case!


The perfect name for an insurance 😂

Conn Eee

cries in non nationalized health care system

David Brunson

It's too real …


Sad state of American healthcare. No wonder medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy when for every actual care provider, you have 10 insurance leeches all on a higher salary. Tear the whole system down and start again.

Callie Masters

Hey…. starts every call.


Damn :/



Carl Sturner