Introduction to Excel Macros (For Excel VBA Beginners) | FREE Excel Course

In this video, I will give you a quick introduction to Excel macros and the Excel VB Editor.

This is an Excel macro tutorial for beginners where I cover everything from scratch about how to start using macros.

By recording a macro in Excel, you can easily automate a lot of tasks. And the best part is that you don’t need to know any coding or VBA to do this.

When you record a macro, Excel simply follows whatever you do in the workbook and create a code for it. Now you can run this code and Excel will automatically follow all the steps you specified.
Recording a macro is also a great way to learn Excel VBA. You can quickly record a macro and analyze the code to learn what it did.

This video lesson covers the following VBA topics:

— How to record a macro in Excel
— Absolute and Relative Cell References
— Introduction to the Visual Basic Editor.

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akun baru

thank you so much…

Zakeer Rg

Sumit, You have an excellent way of explaining things. If I wanted any Lessons about Excel, i search first your name. Keep it up

Wong JunYong

Thank you Sumit! These videos really helps a lot

Smart Humanism

Your lecture is really fantastic. Very interesting, easy and effective!

Atul Shukal

बहोत बढीया वर्क नया देकर खुशी पाता हे धन्यवाद साहेब सुमित जी

Barry on YouTube

Hi Sumit, I created a Macro and it works as I expected on the intended workbook. I also added it to the Quick Access bar on top. I did not add it to a Personal Macro Workbook, however, no matter what other workbook I open, that one Macro still shows up on that Quick Access bar. If I then click it, it will run, but give very incorrect results, since that workbook's date and format doesn't fit the Macro. How can I keep that one Macro to only the inted3ed workbook? Barry


Super video. I am using Microsoft office 365 / office 2019. Here relative reference is working fine. But in absolute reference is not working. I typed my name in A1 Cell and Surname in A2 Cell(No relative reference icon clicked) and hit control + Enter. I removed all the contents after recording. I now moved my cursor to J6 and ran the macro. My name is printed in J6 but surname is still in A2, I am posting this comment after I tried 6 times. It is astonishing. Relative reference is absolutely working. Request you to kindly clarify

Con Gratz

Thank you for these videoes! I´ve just finished your entire excel course. Greetings from Denmark

Mayank Gupta

Nice tutorial. Helped me to revise the concepts

Zahid Butt

Thank you much Sir,
Sir, is there notes of your video on excel in pdf format?
If there are present then please share the method to achieve. I am from Pakistan

Anupama Mohite

Thanks Sumit, this is very helpful

Karan Chauhan


Deepti Patnaik

Hi Sumit, it's very pleasant and understandable presentation. Thanks for sharing. Could you share tutorials on VBA as well in detail.Looking forward to it.


Dude, just check out the thumbs up to down rating of this ALL playlist .. you will find that ..
YOU ARE AMAZING .. Period .. You heard me? A M A Z I N G.
You should surely do Python tutorials, you will sell like a HOT CAKE on udemy and such sites dude …people are loving your teaching style bro … oh and do VBS too if you get time … you just made EXCEL damn interesting for me..I also downloaded your excel tips book .. THANK YOU .. good karma man. Spread the knowledge. Power to you.

Emmanuel Ogungbemi

Great!!! Thanks

ثائر السوسي - Excel light

Thank you