iPhone 14 Pro Max Release Date and Price – MORE Always on Display LEAKS!

MORE Always on Display LEAKS have come from Apple AGAIN for the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 14 Pro! The Report shows us that Apple are definitely looking into bringing this feature to the iPhone 14 Range from this LEAK in XCode 14 Beta 4.

I also want to share the latest on the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max Release Date and Price, specs and a basic summary of everything we know so far for these two models!

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For now in these videos we are doing the latest leaks first and a recap of what we know altogether about the iPhone 14 models.

I will also have the latest iPhone 14 Price information for the Pro iPhone models;

iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro Max

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Matt Talks Tech

The iPhone 14 is about ONE month away to be Announced! How EXCITED are you for it to come out?

Itz jennyy

I really doubt the new iPhone will look different. I rather pay for the 13 & save some $$🤷🏼‍♀️

Monika Ndishimonima

I'm ready for Iphone 14

Natalie Lim

i am getting the iphone 14 pro this year

Abood Jalajel

I’m planning to buy iPhone 14 pro max

Jonathan Fong

I'm planning on getting the I phone 14 pro max

Ulla A

Hi Matt, im planning to buy an ipad air 2020 for school purposes. Its a bit expensive but i just think the apple products look so clean and i feel i would be motivated for school just by owning an apple product.


iPhone 14, New iPad, would love a new MacBook but unless I win one probably won’t be able to for a while. 😅❤️

An Dao

Planning to buy a Macbook. Waiting for new airpod pro and new iphone

Toàn Huỳnh Văn

iPhone ko ra màu tím nhỉ

Quentin Fortin

iPhone 14 pro max and Apple Watch

Viraj Bagga

I am planning on buy the new phone, but I'm going to wait untill next year and buy it than when it will be cheaper. Hopefully the laptops will also be cheaper.

Wei Ming

I’m not sure what I really think about this feature just yet. I hope to get the iPhone 14 Pro this year

Qambar Abbas

Can’t wait have 14promaxxxx🍓

Nikhil Joseph

Hi bro.. Im waiting to buy the iphone 14 pro max and a macbook air for my studies🥰 super excited for the release date 🥰🥰

Edoardo T

Hi, I would love to buy a new iPad Pro but a little too expensive. Thank you for the opportunity to win the fantastic MacBook Pro

Vishal Nagamalla

This year I am going to buy a macbook pro for school so winning this would mean a lot when it comes to school cost!

Albert Semaan

I am so getting the iPhone 14 Pro Max, I’ve been relying on my truth 6s Plus since 2015. I am also planning to get another Apple Watch after mine literally died 🤣. The whole point is me partaking in this is that I really need a laptop. 🥲

joris aghahouwa omoigui

Congratulations to whomever win it. Not used one before but some day

Gaurav Mangela

Overall, the iPhone 14 vs iPhone 14 Pro differences could be the biggest we've seen in year between the two lineups.

Noppy Channel

Definitely, Iphone 14 pro is on my wishing list.

Chris Reisenberg

Definitely looking to pick up a 14 Pro Max looking at possibly a Mac Book Pro even though my 12.1 iPad M1 does almost everything I need.

LaToya Garrett

New Apple Watch after they release iPhone 14 pro