KIDS pick my fishing gear w/ NO BUDGET #fishing #challenge

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Blake Adams

Good vid

okie angler

Hey I have a video idea for you

Clint    (GypC)

Remember you asked 4 it kidds just love2spend dad's money have fun 👍 love ya lojo


I would love to see this challenge but the catch is you choose a setup for them and they choose for you and you both go and fish

Dirty Buzzard

40lb line they didnt want you to break off . 👍


Loren you were really awesome with those two young men, you can see they were awestruck meeting the Great LOJO!!! Unless they were your little brothers because they did resembled you without the beard of course, lol.

Also I want to thank-you with helping me reconnect with an old friend from my hometown of New Orleans. I was watching the Googan Challenge last night where you & Jon were sent to Arizona & the other two guys were sent to NOLA. In the opening scene at New Orleans International Airport there’s a Jazz band playing & right in the center is my good friend Jimi playing the trumpet. Btw, that Googan Challenge video was so grand that this morning my wife & I watched the whole video again when originally I just wanted to show her Jimi playing the trumpet. GOD BLESS you Loren & Your Friends & Family.
Powder Springs, Ga.

🎣Alberto knot🎣

Lojo your a heck of a man brother…keep up the awesome job..💯🔥🎣


Let's gooo


Love the channel can you go squirrel hunting

Patrick Allen