Lane filtering law for motorcycle riders in Arizona starts this weekend

A new law is revving up many different opinions. But regardless of what commuters think about lane-splitting and filtering, it does become legal in certain circumstances this weekend for motorcycle riders in Arizona. Beginning Saturday, Arizona Revised Statute 28-903.F will take effect. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety told ABC15 back in March of 2022 when the law was first passed, this is meant to improve safety by reducing rear-end motorcycle crashes. The latest 2021 ADOT crash report found rear-end collisions were the most common type of crash in our state.

More on the law:

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Froylan Miranda

I don't like it's dangerous as they can get into your blind side. Just don't do it around me because I won't be compansionate if you ride next to me


When you see him coming to the left of the right lane splitting just swore right there next to him so they can smack into the car next to him and then just take off I hate biker people

Me Me

I will not watch for motorcyclists. Not sorry if they get hit. My passenger might have to open their door 😆

William Zander

Insurance companies nightmare

Corey K

I really feel sorry for the 1st person that ends up killing a motorcycle rider because he didn't see one coming.

Henry Rojo

We have the most stupidest drivers here in the Valley. All I gotta say is stay safe out there, cuz these MFs are cut-throat on the streets. 💯

Marjan Kaykavoosi

I have been driving over 45 years. This is stupid to me

R2 B2

Not legal on freeways but I am pretty sure those idiots will still do it.


Not a rider, but I'm glad this happened for them. Will be funny to watch people lose their minds because they think somebody is "cutting the line" in front of them.


When you see him swerve and hit each one of them they got no business doing what they're doing I'll run each and every one of them right between two cars if they try that crap with me


It’s about time they passed this law. Arizona laws were ass backwards. You were not allowed to split lanes, but hey it’s ok that you don’t have to wear a helmet…huh?!?!

Greg Moore

Need to increase organ donors?

Sir Will

Hm. So this wasn't legal until now. Pretty interesting to know.