Law & Order: Organized Crime (2020) | Official Debut Teaser

NBC presents a two hour block of Benson & Stabler coming this Fall 2020.

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judy laaper

Love it , Can't wait .

Pamela Curran

Can't wait for christopher malone's new show to be shown in the UK. SVU is my all time favourite show and have watched every episode from day one. Cant wait for the biggest comeback of all times and hopefully see both actors intermingle between both shows.


I have waited what seems like a lifetime!! Woohoooooo

Gabriel Stone

Oh shit so he’s doing he’s own thing That’s FUCKING AWESOME


It'll never last. First of all, The only organized crime that exists anymore is our government. Secondly the car sucks. Dylan McDermott, really, I mean really? Tamara Taylor, really? This show is already dead.


Like 10 years too late fuck was the hold up ???


The me first say I’m stoked about his new show but most likely it won’t be that good just a lot of PC writing

Edward J Caffrey

I hope they have a comedic ripped from the headlines. Protecting the 1% from child rape charges via the Epstein tapes. Not going after white armed nationals but hassling BLM and the ANTIFA resisters. The OCB proving the link between the Russian Mob and accepting a bribe to get rid of the evidence. In other words, make it a reality show.

Dark Nite

So…this means Happy 🦄 is gone…lol

Wong Sifu

I hope it's better than the boring SVU. I miss the original L&O with DA Jack and Lenny and the whole gang

Brian Walsh

What has Meloni been doing for the last ten years?

Cory Wilson

God I been waiting for this! Bring him back and get rid of them other new flaky ass cops they added over the years! Except for Amanda….I like Amanda 😁❤️

James Dunbar

This has to be the closest feeling to a kid in the candy store…


That wasn't enough!!!!

Shadow Spidey

Yes a billion times yes my all time favorite SVU character returns welcome back Elliot Stabler.

Alex Benony

It’d be nice if this show did a crossover with chicago PD

Officially Jess

I want an answer why he left without a goodbye

Freddy Tanguma

The actor, 59, will make an appearance during the 22nd season of SVU, before starring on the spinoff, Law & Order: Organized Crime, which is slated to begin airing sometime in spring 2021

Ashley Stewart

Chicago Wednesday and Law&Order Thursday, this is going to be awesome.

Common Sense Made Simple

I just got ostrich bumps°

Words, words, words

but they are on separate shows? I don't get it. the aren't actually together, their shows are just back to back… ???

Shane Rose

My boy Stabler is FINALLY back!!!! 👏👏👏👏

Lee Bailey

Am the only one who wants to hear the "in the criminal justice system" intro for the show

Cody Gage Campbell

It's been 10 long years

Uncle Huwi

hell yeah…back to back


Kinda wish they were ACTUALLY reuniting tho 🥺👉👈

Jennifer L

OMG!!! I can’t wait!!! I’ve been waiting for Stabler to come back to SVU since he left!!! And now he’s finally back and then even better he’s going to have his own show!!! It’s been sooo long since I’ve been happy!!! Hopefully his return will help with my depression!!!

jason ricks

Wow great the return of idiot stabler spin off number??