What’s next Supernova???

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Jeffrey Phillip

Yeah I watched your review then read the chapter and was thinking, wtf, why didn't he talk about her at all??

G-Man Alias

Bonnie could be maintaining the health of the Gorosei by lowering their age every
few years. From today's One Piece we know that Vega Punk's island lab is from
500 years in the future. Everything is getting turned upside down in this world.
WTF happening?

G-Man Alias

As Tekking said, "She's probably Kuma's mother and therefore she is the queen
dowager( A widow who holds a title or property derived from her deceased
husband.). [Most likely her husband was the former king of the Sorbet

Bikram Lama

Now every chapter is going over head of every reader….. dr. Vegapunk is a girl and a beauty….. damn……… and a week break clif hanging all of us oh and new rare admiral

koby Tate

Bonney is nerfed

mad gamer

1061 just dropped


Urouge is definitely a lunarian right? He probably dye’s* his hair to hide his identity.


Sanji will simp so hard since she eat like beast

The Vintage Values Experience

Kuma probably wasn't actually a tyrant. We know that the WG will do whatever they need to do to silence world leaders they don't like; same reason they killed Cobra.

Frankie Vargas

Watching the gold roger I couldn’t stop noticing the roger gave birth to the pirates era where they can follow their dream. So luffy dream is world anyone can follow their dream. Get it pun on his dream


Random but I think black beard wants boa to undo the her devil fruits effects on someone or maybe a group of people who were turned to stone by the previous user.

Jamaul Phillips


The Kyd Zac

Just Read 1061 and I'm LOSING IT!!! You gonna Lose your shit too Fam!!!


If Nami can map it, Imu can destroy it. I want to see her bounty show “only alive”. Imu has plans for her.

Dark Rising

I wish we just got one more alone time chapter with the crew…

Samip Bhattarai

Bonney could be Luffy's mom. After all she does have a relationship with the revolutionary.

Drinkin Daze

RIP Sunny’s kitchen. Between Luffy and Bonnie the straw hats are finally about to run outta food

Alberto Uzcategui

Oh boooooy.

Diamonte newman

I’ve always wondered why kaido didn’t try and subjugate urouge

yamil carrasquillo

These chapters just make me go like,“what the fuck just happened “


Hello everyone Just wanted to tell you all that 🌟Jesus loves us all give your life to Christ, He died for our sin s repent and trust in Him alone.His return is soon God bless you all Amen🙏🏾. Have a blessed day 😁❤

Johnathon Loveless

Wow, some of yall got really upset over the video title, huh?

Antonio Montgomery

You the new chapter just dropped and Vegapunk is a STUNNER

Javon Green

Like that pic of Luffy and Law 🔥


My theory is Conney is real and bonnie is just an alias to be a pirate. She and Kuma were probably married and when kuma became a revolutionary she didn’t want that and maybe betrayed him and feels bad or sum

Nick Mac

How did Urouge get off whole cake. He was captured after losing to cracker. Even if the book prison was destroyed how did he make it off the island?

Brandon Bradley

I think she’s gonna join the crew

boy Afrika

Bonnie is probably Kuma's mom and was retired. Kuma was called the tyrant because their country was one those countries that are part of the world government but Kuma betrayed them by joining the revolutionary army and as an atonement he decided to offer himself to the world government, for vegapunk research and later become a slave in order to protect him country. So Bonnie came came out retirementz became a pirate to find his son's whereabouts. It could also explain why Akainu seems to recognize her and even probably released her after Blackbeard captured her.

Retro Wave

Urouge gon tie in Enels relationship with the holy land and this whole 16 numerology

Pat V

I think bonney is vegapunk


I was always a 2nd post time skip stand cause i dont think luffy can be so young and be pirate king. Bonney removes the need for time skip since she can just age them. Making straw hats a PROPER crew and not just some kids. Looks better as well when matching up with BB

Marion Arkansas

Yo just seen what the vegapunk lady look like and first thing came to my mind could this be Luffy mother


Oh shit Bonnie is Kuma's mom!

Chippo The Hippo

Gotta start by saying I enjoy your videos immensely and I’m not trying to be a dick. That said Mad monk was on a sky island when we saw him last. Kido jumped off said island and landed near kid. You really gotta go back and re-read/ watch before you theory craft some times my guy. It gets to me on an uncomfortable lvl when you start jumping the gun based off misremembering stuff. It just discredits the theory before it even gets going in my eyes.

viny vinster

Bonney is Vega Punks daughter

Some Yeeter On The Block

laws replacement is crazy bro lol