Learn with PGC | Smart Learning EP 30 | Boyle's Law

What is Boyle’s law? Let’s understand the relationship between pressure and volume of gas with the help of experiments, graph and real life applications.

00:00 Introduction to Boyle’s Law
00:26 Practical Demonstration of Boyle’s Law
1:40 Definition of Boyle’s Law
1:48 Graphical Explanation of Boyle’s Law
2:20 Boyle’s Law in our Daily Lives

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Saleem Miyan

Amazing teaching methods

Azan ali Ali
Hamad Ali


Shaukat Ali

Good job!

Wajid Khan

Sir make a video about entropy


Dono ki great jodi h …😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😁

Research Galaxy

Theory fact ha science ma??? aur theory aur fact ma khy difference ha???

Muhammad Faraz

Sir plz tell us how we log in PGC app

Ismail Sahib

Amazing 😍

Imad wali

Thank you sir

Umar Arshad

Sir torque and couple

Glimpseyy- world✨

Good job❤
Really its a very good palteform for all the students where complete guide is available really u are one of the best teacher. We like your leactures alot and learn soo much. Pakistan need such a tallented sir ❤thanks for providing us such a good palteform❤❤keep upploading❤

Shabbiran Muhammad Shafi

Good work sir keep it up 😇👏👍

Krishn Pratap Tiwari

Love from India ❤️❤️

Hammad Ahmed

Kindly can you make a video on absolute zero

Chemistry tutor

Please upload more and more videos. I shalle support your channel and done subscribe.

Chemistry tutor

Sir is waqt ap jasay professor ki Pakistan ko bihad zarorat Hy. Sb rata lagwaty Hy. Ap concepts clear krty Hy. Agr ap jasay chund or professor Pakistan Mai paida ho tu Pakistan no. 1 pr ho ga. May Allah bless you.

Zubair Ahmed Attar

Good work


I want more videos of Physics by science sense.

Yasir Ali

I am gonna give you example of water pipe.
If a pipe volume is increased then the water pressure will be decrease or if a pipe volume is decrease then the water pressure will be increase.

Huzaifa Malik

Sir mere wish ho gi k ma ap say parho. Sir hassan is good and pgc all teachers is good. Thank you

Thors Thunder

I found This Lecture Alhamdlillah
Sir is Ma sha Allah
Madam is SubhanAllah

Ang Mathew

Nahin samj ayee please make it more clear

Learning With Abdullah Atiq

Collaboration of physics and chemistry

sajjad ahmad

Excellent stydu method


Daltons law of partial pressure plz explain??

Alpha Science Academy

This was really good 😊 stay blessed

Jobs and Earning 101

Hence Proved.
Engineer are best teachers.

Abdus Sattar Jhujh

Wow Collaboration 🌹🌹

Khan .....

Thanku sir

Khan .....

Nice vedio

Sharif Ullah


Syed Abu Huraira


Aman yazdani یزدانی

Very nice video love from India ♥️👌

muhammad zohan

Wawooo. Plz tell me how to learn from pgc app


More videos 😘

Future Doctor

Waoo Awesome Sir💕❤

Abid Hasan

Masallah Super quality ka concept provide kraa rhe h aplog 💓💓

Prizebond Zamanali

Excellent job!
It's a very high tech evaluation in Pakistan you need to upload more and more videos to educate the dumb theorist students.
May God bless you All❤


I am from India🇮🇳

haya noor🎶
ritik patel

Love from India

Farah Muzaffar

Sir best.