LG 27GR95QE OLED 240hz Monitor Review + Vs Samsung Odyssey Neo G8

LG 27GR95QE OLED 240hz Monitor Review
#LG #OLED LG 27GR95QE Vs Samsung Odyssey G8 OLED vs Mini LED

Hi Friends Welcome to Viktors Reality:
today I have my review on the LG 27GR95QE-B Gaming Monitor. I cover real world scenarios from gaming brightness to how light may effect you viewing experience on this anti glare coated monitor.Welcome to the Worlds first 240hz OLED gaming monitor the LG Ultragear 27GR95QE.

LG 27GR95QE-B 240hz OLED Gaming Monitor Review LG Ultragear 2023

Brightness – 6/10
Display Test HDR showed: 603 Max 150
2 Ambient Light Testers Showed the following:
970nits @3% / 300+nits @50% / 170nits @100%
*Comparable to an Odyssey G70A or Gigabyte M28U. Both if these monitors have a overall SDR brightness of around 300-350nits

Display Image Quality – 8/10
Sharpness & Speed are two words that showcase the power of OLED vs any other technology. Even see here in this review. The LG looked clearer and sharper albiet due to the smaller size vs the Samsung Odyssey Neo G8.

Matte Screen – 7/10
This screen is reflective. Not Ultra Matte like the Odyssey Neo G8 This monitor looks wet vs the Neo G8’s dry paper look. This problem is when there is alot of light reflecting it lowers the percieved brightness and picture impact alot. This should be mainly used in a Light controlled room. While having a Oily / Vasaline coating look…The clarity is still seen even by this issue.

Gaming – 7/10
Gaming have been amazing. The clarity of OLED at 27″ really is a step above the rest. While a tad more brightness would have made this a much more enjoyable experience as I love brightness impact still the clarity cant be overstated. This is the clearest monitor in motion I have ever seen.

LG 27GR95QE Gaming Monitor
27” QHD (2560×1440) OLED
HDR10 / DCI-P3 98.5%
Anti-Glare/Low Reflection
240Hz Refresh Rate
.03ms Response Time
HDMI 2.1, DP 1.4
NVIDIA® G-SYNC® Compatible
AMD FreeSync™ Premium

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Viktors Reality

The Future has arrived! OLED display Technology finally on our awesome monitors. LG 27GR95QE OLED 240hz Monitor Review. I hope this video helps you make an awesome buying decison! 🙂

Wade Robinson

imagine if this was in HDR


Could you do a comparison video of these 2 both in HDR and display them side by side please?


Thank you for the video, you helped me decide on ordering this beast. It was between the Zowie XL2566k and this OLED. I'll be coming from a Viewsonic X270 elite (1080p). I'm a huge stickler for motion clarity and this looks clear enough for me to drop my strobed (BFI) monitor. I tryhard at Planetside 2 so the ridiculously low input lag will be aweome. The picture quality difference, I can already tell, will be MIND-BLOWING! Thanks for reading my blog post.


Thanks for the review, so tired of people bashing on the brightness when they don't have the right settings enabled or if they're coming from big 4k tvs. Some of us are upgrading from budget to midrange IPS monitors.


This monitor is a no for me. LG is the best of the best, but QDOLED is just winning rn. MLA isn’t finished, and LG had to push it for 2023, meanwhile bold face lying that anything smaller than 42 was not in the near future.
I digress, oled will move faster that any lcd rates in the past. Worry not, your dream monitor is now within a year.

Christopher Fräbel

what do you say about an upgrade / update from GP950 to GR95?


To me this is an almost perfect monitor except I'm somewhat used to my workflow on a 32" 4K and wouldn't really want to change from that. The brightness isn't a problem for me as my room doesn't tend to get direct sunlight so it never really gets too bright. If anything, my current display doesn't go dim enough when all other room lights are turned off. Anyway, a 32-34" 4K version of this would be absolutely perfect for me.

booty and brawns

So on vivid mode it’s turns off DAS mode for gaming ?


Been having this monitor since last week, been using my ps5 and series x, so far I love it !


Users of the LG OLED are saying it’s just too dim for 1000 bucks. Maybe the second generation will be worth getting

Tim Holt

I'm confused about the "accepting a 4k signal at 120hz". Does that mean it will actually display the image at 4k when using a 120hz speed? Is it a down/up sampling type thing? Anyways, thanks for the review!

Ale Azz

Hi, this model have the same pwm function for brightness like the Dell DW??
Thanks in advance

They Tryna Be Cray

@Viktors Reality What are your NEO G8 OSD settings?


Do you have a QD-OLED to compare with? AW3423dw's picture quality, vibrance and brightness seems to be better then W-OLED.
The only advantage this LG seems to have is response time so only competitive fps players would benefit owning this over QD.


WTH would LG coat a panel that is lower nits woled in the first place with a finish that lowers the brightness even more? Baffling.

Guess I'll wait for a 27" 1440p 240hz qd-oled.


I had the G7 32" And i fell in love and now this proves how good the G8 is!

Torben Christensen

Great video, you are doing an awesome job.
Are there any fan cooling the monitor on heavy use? Or does it have a passive cooling setup?

Stuart Shuck

How accurate is the srgb mode?


I finally bought this baby today! I am coming from Asus Rog Swift PG278Q 1440p 144hz monitor to this one. I am not sure what the whole issue is here. People crying about anti-glare coating and stuff. This is a gaming monitor, not a TV. Get over it, lol. My Asus looked amazing, being an 8bit TN panel with an anti-glare coating. It was considered one of the best gaming monitors of its time. Even now, it is probably one of the best 1440p 144hz monitors out there. The Asus has 350cm/m2, and I am a dark room gamer and had to lower the brightness to 45 percent. Otherwise, my eyes would bleed, lol. 200cm/m2 is plenty for dark room gaming and probably for medium lite rooms. I never had an issue with Asus at 45 percent brightness with the sun directly shining from window behind when I felt like opening the curtains.


Great review, monitor looks amazing, im tempted to buy it.


I’ve been getting screen tears with this monitor that wasn’t present on my other 240hz 1440p 27” Can you share me you’re VRR settings?

King James

@ViktorsReality Have you been able to get the Input Lag numbers?

Rob Hewitt

Hey mate what’s better out of these two and LG C2 42?

Quantum Nebula

Love this review! Question: So if you wanted to, you could set it to 4k, at 120hz? Like truly? Because I'd likely sacrifice some hz for that resolution.

Shiv Singh

Would you recommend an upgrade over the gp950? Gaming on console only (ps5 & series x)


Will there be an qd-oled version of same spec qhd 240hz monitor from Samsung? They put glossy finish on odyssey oled G8 and incoming oled G9, maybe we should wait and see…

Pal Rom

Lg 32 monitor new version release?