Man arrested for allegedly intentionally crashing car into Arcadia 7-Eleven store

A Monrovia man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder Friday after allegedly causing a disturbance inside an Arcadia 7-Eleven store, then intentionally plowing his car into the store. READ MORE:

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My JZ & ME

What a way to get free dinner in prison on Thanksgiving. I guess that's the only way for him to get that bird!


ban motor vehicles!

Usual Suspects

This person should never be allowed to drive again.

Natural Hi

7-11 be like please come again.

Steven Winterhill

People are getting stupider by the day… SMH 🤮

Ken Smith

People gotta chill!

Dan Tschosik

got mad because was riped off paying three time's amount for item's.😃

tam i am

Darrell Brooks syndrome

Jim Beekman

That would of never happen at Circle K.

joshua maxam

Crime is on the rise stay safe yall.

Markieff bankroll_

what a crash out,, smh


Lately, idiots are a dime a dozen round these streets 🤦🏻‍♀️

American guy

Why other countries have less crime than America? Easy: they execute people over arresting them which scares other people to not breaking the law.

Why America has so many crime compared to other countries? Easy: they constantly refuse to put people to death and put people in expensive jails and prisons which makes sure people don’t get jobs or housing ever at all.

I couldn't think of a username

7-11 deserves it

Colby Doee.

Yall vote for this.

BornFree LiveFree

Wow. It call drive throught

JJ Vinyard

people are getting dumber and dumber by the day

Tracey Grayson

Arcadia??? Louisiana??? Lmao!

james vanderbeek

All 7/11 attract some type of violence

Ferdinand Holmes



Oh dont know what happened excuse !!!
That's gonna be the stay out of jail card now!


muh slurpee!

C. B.

Are people's emotions heightened or something? What got this person so mad that they did this?


Arcadia was a great place to live in the late '60s.


Are the Ho Hos still OK?

Mark hayes

Darrell Brooks is out on work release!

Just Me

Throw the book at him to deter others.

jim tom

Vax brain

Thomas Lavin

Hey it was turkey 🦃 day. .. wait. I. Thought 🤔 it was wild 😜 turkey 🦃 day. Lol 😂😂 or maybe it was jack Daniels Friday LoL..hey Beavis I just drove through a 7 /11. Kool 👍😎

Dr Blitz

Yesterday, some girl grabbed the 7/11 clerks iphone and ran back to her car with it. Money dispute on card or something. She guilty, I would’ve called the cops if I felt robbed. People losing it

Jun Li

Don't cry for me, California.

Gaye MarianesFox

Guess we need to outlaw cars