Minecraft 1.19+ Slime Farm Tutorial – Easy, Efficient

In this video I show you how to build my Slime Farm for Minecraft 1.19 and up. This farm is fully automatic and super easy to build. This design requires almost no digging too! This farm works off of the new Minecraft 1.18+ mob spawning mechanics requiring hostile mobs to have full darkness to spawn, whereas slime do not. This farm was designed for Minecraft Java edition but will work on Minecraft Bedrock Edition too!

0:00 – farm overview
0:30 – build materials
1:33 – where to build
2:54 – farm prep
3:55 – slime trap
7:28 – slime spawning
9:57 – afk and surrounding
12:31 – rate hack

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if you read this comment “plop”

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Happy thanksgiving friends!! im super thankful for all of you & i hope your day is the best!

Patrick Keen

waddles have you heard of the music ? Called bad to the bone good song


This actually is a really simple slime farm. Once I get my phone fixed, I'll try this in Bedrock edition. Will update when it really works.

Jay Welt

by the way, does it has to be tinted glass only ?

John Eubank

if you go the right height above spawning platform, only it will be active – you don't need to place lights


doesn't work

Amy Donellan

So Easy

Mustache Man

I found the perfect location for this in my Realm (very landless swamp, so very concentrated spawns) and it works perfectly! Thank you!

Tim Hyatt

will definitely be using this in the future…..

shouldn't a thanksgiving episode been about Chickens though? like how to make chicken farms?? 😉


Out of curiosity what is the issue with using a mangrove swamp?

Amazing Lego Builds

Get a monster in monster legends


Hey wattles, could you explain the mechanics of why candles are used please?
Is it a light source that is too bright for general mob spawns but not too bright for slimes?


I wish glass looked that nice on bedrock

Time Change

Perfect timing my good Sir. I needed one of these.

Time Change

Perfect timing my good Sir. I needed one of these.


Question… is it hard being so handsome all the time? Especially with a handsome, relaxing voice


Will slime still spawn on the outside area even if there are torches at night? or do i have to remove all of the land


Bruh I just built your old design on the same day you posted this




One problem may be how expensive this farm is. All that amethyst for the tinted glass is not easy to collect.

Jon Bonney

plop 💩

Valnea aa

This is so great, thank you soo much 🙃


Going to build and see recommendation


This is not new or something you've created. I've been using this farm (with rail collection instead of water) since 1.19 dropped. Glad people are finally able to see it in action. ☺️🙌

Ethereal Carnival

People, surround your farm with 5 layer-wide slabs or glass (or any non-spawnable bocks). It further concentrates the spawns inside your farm

Ron Dizzle