Minecraft Now: Minecraft 1.20 Mini-Games!

Our guests showcase Minecraft 1.20 features in a very serious, professional way by playing with them! Billy and Unn join Lydia for a look at the camel, chiseled bookshelf, and the newly announced playable mob sounds. We also get a walkthrough of how the new touch controls work and Chinara from Gamemode One joins us to showcase the new Avatar Legends DLC!

00:00 Intro
02:07 Playable Mob Sound
07:40 Camel Race
16:54 The Warden Mini Game
24:02 You Made It!
27:14 New Touch Control
32:49 Touch control dropper
35:16 Avatar Legends DLC

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♥ Icy ♥

They act like high schoolers giving presentations 😅 I love it

Cristian Gartner

Pueden acer un canal de español de mine craft porfavoooooooor plis :,(

Tysan cool 😎

How do we get 1.20


Please add this feature to Minecraft. If there's an allay next to a evoker, the evoker can convert the allay into a vex. And also sub to channel pls.


and java for chromebook


i want to use the mob heads for music


we need a warden head

Глеб Чагин

это доброй идея 💡

Глеб Чагин

А что если сделать Майнкрафт в Дронов убийцами


when you said “the cat is yelling” my cat licked me 🥹🥹🥹

Horror games Channel


Horror games Channel

When is it all going to come out

lakybox 2

Can you guys add in 1.20 more Armer

Roberlanio Dos Anjos Alves


be yourself

Can you please also add a new paintings for minecraft

be yourself

Yes please send me the idea


How does this only have 978 comments

work with the gamer

The creeper


50:39 When this was live, I pulled up on this shot

jess mccall

Hey how do you get the piglen in Minecraft


I will woat all


All Mob head


All Mob head


All Mon head

Benjamin Jonker

The game

Benjamin Jonker

Minecraft the sniffer meet now in bee


I can't wait for giraffes to be added

M Bathori

When is minecraft 1.20 update??


We want java for android

Professor Block

Could you please add mossy cobblestone tools and raw iron armour it could be really weak but fit in to the update as self representation for old castles and things like that