Minecraft: That's not Wednesday Addams… 😳 #Shorts

Minecraft: That’s not Wednesday Addams… 😳 #Shorts

In this video, I build a Wednesday Addams pixel art, except @AyoDen interrupts me and ruins the mural with his Skibbidi bop artwork!






►Minecraft But:

►Music Syncs:


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They spend all this time for a short 💀 still good tho 👍


Hahahahaha bop bop bop yes yes yes

Talita Cristian



Oh sorry 😢 it’s been raining 🌧 so much lol 😂 I’m so bad I’m sorry 😞 lol 😂 yeah that’s what I mean 😢 lol 😂 I’m so good 😊 bye 👋 I’m so tired 😴 lol 😂 yeah I’m not doing good 👍 lol 😂 yeah I’m good 🙂 yeah I know I’m it’s not like a 👍 but I think 🤔 can get me out here I’m lol 😆 I’m so good sorry 😞 bye 👋 I’m not gonna be able to get do anything right now I’m just gonna go try and do that but yeah I’m sorry 😢 but it’s I love just love 💕 and love ❤️ so much bye bye mommy mama love ❤️ bye bye 👋 mama mommy mommy hi mommy mommy hit me king mama mama mommy mama yeah yeah bro yeah I ain’t got to go get it back lol I got it I don’t want it lol I just need a little bit more like I don’t have to go fight with you lol I have no not I need you mama mama love mama mommy mama love


Wednesday Addams is cringe

Daren Sertima


Sariyah Mcalister

🎉😂😂😂😮😅😊 oh, my God haircut

ciara roche

Too funny😂

Yiğit Demir

Konya Final Boss

Noob_ Jr

I swear if i hear this song again im literally gonna explode woth Netflix and this is breaking all of my siblings and i haTe it sooooooooooooooololololololololololololololololololllolololololllollooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo like bad

Gary Shisheesh

face reveal 😊

Daddy Dog 2

The music at the end was so hilarious 😂



juan carlos uris baz

Song: Wednesday – Dom Dom Yes Yes

hi cutie's

Did u all see the boy fall

Tiffany Alley

Can u re do it pls, I wanna see the whole thing completely

The S family

Oh lol

Yohana Majok


Budoor Alhashmi

Wednesday and skibi dop in Ohio: