Minnesota’s most notorious UFO sighting remains a mystery four decades later

UFOs are getting a ton of attention lately after a recent Pentagon report admits to “unexplained aerial phenomena” the government can’t explain.

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A Lim

Just a wee side note, that's a sick looking cop car.

john wick

That antenna would not bend like that. It would bow down until it bent near the base. The only wat it could bend so tightly in the middle was if someone held it as they bent it. Test my claim , you will see that it is true.

gig antis

Screwed up audio = dislike

Terence Gray

Road to Demascus

Eric Superstar

Why do we all follow the government like she making peoples lives hard work just for telling the truth and they get slammed big time good luck to the retired officer Johnson shame he had to move away and stop telling his story

Addy C

You know in the back of my mind. I wonder if it is not a UFO! I believe it was a Nuclear reactor Bomb factory in the area that did this!

Avi Christiaans

I believe him. We've become a society that dismisses people's experiences all because we cannot understand them. Ridiculous. UFO sightings aren't a new thing. They've been documented for centuries. Are all those people crazy? Mistaken? Wrong???


Thinking were alone in the universe is proof that Earthlings are too stupid to realize that were not alone in the universe.


What a load of over dramatised BS. Only in America

Sharon C.

So I'm driving a space ship. Why do I park it on a road in the middle of nowhere? Somebody has to go potty?

The BenSman

What a trip! I’m 50, been hearing about UFOs 🛸 my whole life… And it looks like they might be real! Mind blown 🤯 👽

rikk miranda

I've learned when something strange like this happens to you, it's best to keep your mouth shut and forget about it, hard as it may be.

Russ Barnes

I looked at this back when it was in the mufon journal. They pointed out how the antenna couldn't be bent like that in a normal collision.
It appears only the upper 8 inches are bent as though it was not subjected to stress below that point.
And they do show a picture of it in this video.
Very strange bend at the end.

Butterfly Girl

It almost sounds like the policeman encountered radiation of some kind.

Sarah Strong

"There 'something' there", folks. It's official!

Konix Twenty

The idiot who put this video together separated the channels into 2 mono channels. So you get part of the sounds in one ear, and other sounds in another ear. Get a clue about video/audio editing before uploading moron!


please don't allow scam advertising on your channel

Michael Luna

Ball Lightning.

Dawn K

I saw the same orange lights as the Phoenix lights and when they were caught without lights on the appeared to be metal ping pong balls. It appears thats what hit this man's car. There videos on YouTube of these metal balls they emit flashing lights and lit up suoer bright orange and are seen all over the world..so here's a account of one actually hurting somebody who did nothing but drive down the road.


I have a UFO sighting. I was out duck hunting with some friends we just got the decoys set had about 30 minutes until shooting time we where looking around just trying to pass time and I pointed out a dark triangle shape with a dim dark blue light on the bottom of it flying toward us fast it wasn't very high either and it got over about the middle of the pond and it quickly and sharply zig zaged to the right multiple times and quickly flew away in that direction. It was in ivanhoe mn in the morning please let me know if u have anything similar happen.

Aj Heath

I am speaking out for my very close friend from the 1970’s but he and his past friend saw some sort of morphing orb of light above them ( my friend told me that the orb seemed to be in distress ) it also was moving rather slow threw the day light . The orb seemed to be emitting black sparks and both of them saw it plain as day !!!!! Neither of them described to each other what they saw they just asked each other what they should do ! My friends told me that it seemed as though that when this pen landed they couldn’t move . As the distraught orb was lying on the floor it started to look like something about 2-3 feet was inside of it ! My friend was wanting to run over and tackle it but he had an unforeseen accident the day before so he wasn’t able too( butkeep in mind the my friend told me that it was the size of a boxcar ) hop the 2-3 wire fences .eventually the mysterious almost “ electrified cloth “ started to spin and spin to where it started to lift off the ground and form a classic flying saucer shape. It was still emitting light . Then the orb took off . They both did see it come back around one more time . Please if anyone has any info on what that possibly could be that would be great help because it seems as though what was in this video was what my friend saw !!! FYI this happened in 1986 my friend said !!!!! Please don’t be shy both him and his friend has had life changing things happen to them soon after that !

Orman Virsel

a load of rubbish as usual
never factual or even rwAL


Looking beyond the realms of what remain upon earth is more to learn than what the eye may see off along a distance isn't enough to become a piece of mind for learning but confirming is obviously concerning unidentified flying objects haven't been recognized completely for detailing what particular labels enable a claim for making a statement precisely describing what it is or was to be witnessed without contact…

listen Closely

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. No weapon formed against me shall prosper, this means ALL technology because we are all consciousness and it is ALL interfering with our conscience. The 3rd temple being built that it talks about in the Bible is referring to the two temples on the head which is the mind the 3rd eye. We are in the last days and humanity is absolutely blind to it and man it hurts my heart tremendously.

mark warne

Submit to Jesus call on him the Lord of Lords,ufos are not of God.

Alexandre Kassiantchouk

I witnessed the similar event with a woman a few meters/yards from myself, and there were three other witnesses. I published partial solution to this puzzle in my Time Matters. And the time delay that watch showed in 1979 case, perfectly matches the scientific explanation. In my case I had no access to the watch, but not only guessed the same – time delay is the key to the solution in the last chapter of my Time Matters.


I think with what we know now about how UAPs use a gravity field for their propulsion, I think he basically ran right into the edge of one, explaining the time delay on the car clock and his watch. I've read every report on this incident and all of the evidence I've read suggests exactly that.

Google Google

That’s the problem and best reason not to believe in aliens. All incidents are based off a story that can’t be proven to be factual. But I can think of a dozen other and reasonable explanations. First one that comes to mind is a hoax. Very reasonable.

richie anderson

Ball Lightning.

Roy Tallerico

The general public is bored with UFOS. Somebody yells a UFO and response is yeh yeh..yadde tarde.


Make the audio “stereo” and it you will thank me.

Tom McCloskey

An alien abducted my right speaker.


Imagine being vindicated after more than 40 years.

Cheese Meister

Could be a witch. Or magnetic collection of energy attracted to his metallic vehicle. An organic light being. So bizzare.


Ahh yeah, talk that ufo stuff dirty in my left ear guy

Vlone Bandit

Too bad it’s probably humans behind the flying machines and they will try and push the view that we are under attack. Then we will all need to come together to kill this “alien foe” that’s not really a alien foe

George Anthony

If the us government is relieving UFO, what are they still tring to hide thats more important than covering up UFO'S?!?! Maybe a fraudulent ELECTION!?!?!

Alexander Fitzgerald

my left ear likes this