Mississippi River Record Low Water, Mudlarking, Fishing, Flathead Catfish

Fun and cool discoveries.
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Should be magnet fishing since it’s so low. Get some good stuff people been throwing off the bridge for years. And old frontier artifacts. Anyway. You wouldn’t have to wait for the water to drop. And I’m sure the magnet guys are already thinking about it


I never fish b4 but i wanna take my kid tho

Bobby wanger


Adam Molina

Wow this video took off. Good # of views

Michael Hayes

I believe I would get a metal detector

Mark Everson

How good is eating the fish off the Mississippi river? The fish can only be as clean as the water? It could be a great fishery and I love catching and eating fish but if the water is dirty I won't eat them. I was raised on a farm in Wisconsin back when I was younger the Wisconsin River was so filthy dirty from the paper mills that everything stunk like the Mosinee paper mill the water stunk the air stunk there was slime balls and all kinds of creepy things in the river when I was a kid they've cleaned it up quite a bit now but the fish would taste exactly like the chemicals in the river coming from the paper mills and other industry. Thanks a lot government thanks a lot rich people for taking everything you could and throwing the rest right into our environment

Marvin Sauer

The first item you picked up was blue electric water pump. Probably off a V8 motor.

Revelator Phoenix

Unfortunately that warm sun you feel is what’s drying up the river.
And it’s drying up for good.

Edward W. Hood

I wonder if we're related?

Michael Parker

Man will destroy earth ✌️

ginger breed man

I love to fish. Missouri river in ND is where I go. I like walleye, but white bass is my favorite because they are easy to catch and they fight like hell.

David Rongish

Those water bottles that you always are finding may very well have diatoms in them giving them a brown color. Diatoms are a type of algae.

Billy Bob

Those slippers were a huge find. I would of walked those bad boys out.


Loved the treasure hunt. Always nice to see Ray.

Dan Vermilyea

I jumped straight to the comments to see how much harassment you got for tossing back the perfect water size Opp. 😆 Looks like people let you off easy this time. Love the videos. Still trying to get down there at some point.

Pistol Pete

Do yo ever run across gators when you are scavenging?

B.J. Harris

Really cool video. Really liked seeing what all the low water uncovered and you have shown us some cool stuff for sure. A few videos back you was at a place and you was talking about showing us some cool stuff but you said you was going to save that for another video. You was talking about you could only go so far before a fence stopped you from going any further. Would like to see that and what cool stuff you find. You started at a place you was saying was people made barn fire at. But sir enjoying the content for sure keep it up. Till next's time GodBless and Tight Lines.

Southern Slipping

I remember that video

Marshall George

Nice eater size flathead!



James J. Reid

we lost beau coup lead at that spot for sure

Phillip Goins


Dudeling Dave

Watch all your videos. I do a good deal of bank fishing. Whenever I would arrive at a spot with trash everywhere, I would leave. When I go fishing, I leave the area the way I find it. Worst case scenario you might find worm dirt that I left behind. I wish more people would respect nature and take their trash with them.

Romans 12:18

Those old garbage can cat catcher tops are worth about 300.00 if it is a vintage one!!

Romans 12:18

Osiyo Mr. Hood. I'm wishing I were walking the banks as you do. My wife is sick and my adventures are limited. I use to live and work where you are before moving to Oklahoma.

Fn Ln

Nice flattie … you and Capt. Ray make good video.
67 today – yyr

green tips

i remember you fishing that bridge

Scott O,Donahoe

I take tow line rope every time I find it ! I run legal bank poles and when you break it down it never breaks ! Color and thickness never is a factor because I run them at night . Small live gills kick ass !



William Franklin outdoors

Those bottles with dark liquid? Probably tobacco spit

• SaltRock

Mornin ☕️

Captain Chad


Josh Wagner

Let's go m hood. Yeah you right yeah you right

Ricky Aderholt

First comment baby!!!!!! Let's go!