MORTAL KOMBAT X VS Subway Surfers Vancouver 2022 Pink vs Spider Endless Hero Run Gameplay HD

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Subway Surfers World Tour 2019 Chinese Version New Update Android Gameplay #1

New Year’s trip to Metro Parkour came to Guangzhou, China for a pleasant holiday with the 13th Mei, Diao Chan and Yang Qiao, visiting the bustling night scenery in Guangzhou, the famous buildings passing by the waistline and Liede Bridge, . At the same time opening the game with the real screen competitive play, players will be under a map, each other parkour duel, play have all kinds of props to increase interest. And there are countless ingot red envelopes waiting for you to come and collect firecrackers, more surprise surprise gift! Small partners, what are you waiting for, quickly download updates Metro Parkour and the world’s one billion players together to enjoy a happy Spring Festival in Guangzhou it!
Update tips
1. Celebrate the Chinese New Year, came to Guangzhou Guangzhou;
2. The new showdown with the screen and experience the thrill of racing;
3. debut beauty Diao Chan, shame flowers unique skateboarding;
4. Unlock Ares Yang Jian, take the domineering deified dog;
5. People picking up the red envelopes ingot, gold coins do not stop;
6. New Year non-stop activities, set firecrackers win gift.

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