"My Brother-In-Law Dre" | Jo Koy (REACTION)

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Gary Coleman

His mom got it right tho, he loves chicken and he works as a basketball coach 😂

Samsa, Umar Alikhan

Whats funny bout that is that chicken is a standard food to prepare when there guests around in PH and Filos love basketball

Serj Tankian

More Jo Koy!!!

Daniel Aranda

I don’t even comment like this, but Jo Koy is hilarious. Seen him live, even funnier. The Filipino/Mexican ones are my favorites lol If you guys react to more, I’ll listen to every one.

kelly hartbarger

Most Filipinos love basketball


Brandon is so uncomfortable 👀

elester isaac

You All have to start to react to some Isley Brothers and Earth Wind and Fire. They each have some many songs and number one hits of all times. A few songs to check out first: Isley Brothers – "Voyage to Atlantis", "Groove with You", Earth Wind and Fire – "Drum Song", and " Fantasy". These are just a few recommendations, but just check.out their songs and pick some, can't go wrong. Also need to get into some Tempations, and one of my suggestions are songs from their "1990" album. Every song on that album's list is Fire, but I am suggesting two of them, and they are "1990" and "America",two songs that fit right into the struggles that we are experiencing today in America. These are just a few, but any one of their songs is fire.🔥 To me these are the two greatest bands of all times.

Lon Tollison

Ralph ie May request


Joy Koy is dope. Saw him live back in October. Met him after the show and was such a cool down to earth guy. The show was saw was right after he put out a Netflix special so all of his material for was brand new and very much a work in prepares. He was riffing with the crowd the whole time and still killed. Def a seasoned professional. Check out his video on ASIAN ACCENTS

Lance Dub-u

Truth is there is a Andre and he is married to Jo’s sister, she is also Jo’s manager. Andre is actually Jo’s friend first. Andre isn’t that dark either.


Jo Koy is dope


React to more Jokoy content, you guys would love it 😄


We need the Joey Diaz reaction

Stardust DNA

More JovKoy plz & longer skits too

Athanasios Matsolas

Hot sauce…just have a small bottle of hot sauce with ya.

El Pozolero

Y'all definitely got to do more Jo Koy reactions!!

dudz 27

Rice is rice and how to tell Asian apart my fav

dudz 27


Elizabeth Usilton

Jo Koy is absolutely hilarious. Every single clip of him is great. I think you guys will particularly like the one about him losing to his mom at wii sports. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/kgEVWaR9-zs

Ards Downstream

Try reacting to Tony Baker-drug deals

Taylor Cronin

Joe Koy looks like Joe Rogan x Bobby Lee.


With the orange Shirt u are funny. Yr DNA test will be funny😉 i see a Lot white😁

Christopher King

Hilarious 😂

Melanie Smith

As soon as the impression of her voice JOSEP is my favourite!


Salos funny as hell bro 🤣🤣