My fish are STARVING to death!!! Massive Ranch Overhaul!!!

The work never ends at home or on the ranch!!! Huge shout out to my friend, PJ Crews for helping me find the perfect tractor!!! For business information, you can contact him directly at or you can visit the website for more info:

Hey thanks a ton for stopping by!!! check out our new merch here:

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My favorite Camo Gear, MOSSY OAK! Save 15% with Coupon Code: DMFD
Get Your Gear Here:

My Favorite Optics? Burris!!

Most Amazing Crossbow I’ve ever seen?

Wanna stay dry as a bone???

If you’re looking for Everglades Seasoning, go to:

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My FAVORITE rod and reels are:

If you’re looking for Everglades Seasoning, go to:

For Authentic DeerMeatForDinner merch, go to:

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Miguel Villon

>>>>>>Let’s make this comment be seen by Rob <<<<<<<

Hey Rob look into Sam he is a Florida native who has done other videos with other YouTubers and he has his own shimmer business in Florida

His YouTube channel

Video where he has been with other YouTubers doing the same thing you want to do with your pond.

John Lord

Quit using POS ethanol in the tractor – sue real gas and then it will properly run !!!


Why not do a colab with shiner Sam

The De Giacomo Family

so good to see AUSTIN!!!

WILFRED LOVE Hometheater

His back old camera guy nice

Abel Arthurs

3:58 That " This is fun ya know" sounded real Alaskan there Mr. Rob 🤣

Lee Hunter

I had so many pub subs and Wawa subs I lived in Florida since I was 16 yrs old

Jeff Betsch

I'm surprised you haven't collaborated with Shiner Sam yet. You would love his monster bass that you can hand feed

John Porter

Need to hit up jiggin with Jordan and shiner Sam.


Good choice ! JD !

Ed Points

IDK how far away Shiner Sam is from you, but that would be an AWESOME collaboration! He's got a YouTube channel as well… And some gigantic bass in his ponds behind the bait shop. He would definitely let the girls feed them.
He is an outstanding guy and also passionate about his big pet bass.

Andrew Chambliss

A disc golf course would be an amazing addition to the ranch. You'd be able to set strict guid lines for when people could play the course and even have a pay by player to help fund the up keep!

Ernest Aguilar

Way to go Austin!!!! Wish you the best! Keep up the great memories Rob!!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Tyler Cserpes

been watching since like 3k subs in that first apartment with the trio of pups its wild how time flies, yall deserve everything comin your way!!

jerome waldron

Hey , i’m a big fan of your channel. Watching all the way from Trinidad W.I. in the Caribbean.

Brooks Pearce

Hit up Shiner Sam at Shiners unlimited , He is buddies with Brandon at Jigging with Jordan on youtube ,

Morris Domke

How is your Ranch oure farm is only 17 acres we are blessed with thousands of acres of public land….Northeast Lower Michigan….. And Yes that Work For Fun NEVER STOPS

Davison A

Thank you for your kind words sir God blessed you and the family


Man that ranch is huge. How many acres is it?

Streamin 260

Get with jiggin with jordan about shiner sam!

Mat Marion

I’m just coming out of a relationship I was cheated on this video really made my day 😇😇😇