My Past… | Minecraft Divines – Roleplay SMP (Episode 7)

My Past… | Minecraft Divines – Roleplay SMP (Episode 7)
(Minecraft Roleplay SMP)

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– The Divines –

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Oizys Corner

"-Was that good?" "Yes, I'm honestly really proud of you :)" "Yessss!! :D" made my day <3

JCI_Karma 8



I didnt hear lilleths voice for her "joke" what did she say

RottenJerky_Gacha XD

Oooooo interesting… I wonder how ryan was involved… 🤔🤔🤔


“Who.. are you?


Looking back at this video, I just realized that when Logan asked to see what to hit while testing his power, Lilith said to hit Ash… 😱

Colin Lacomis

Ash it is Ryan

{Evelyn Irvene}

Is it just me Or when Tycer Accidentally pushed himself using his own magic I heard like.. Ryan's voice Saying : "Wow!" Just me-? Probably just me..-

Steve White

y is ryan here? 2020


ash doesnt take fall damage 🙂


Tycer was like '' got some wax in there buddy''


I have a bag on my head and that's that

-{Mïdnïght Potato} -

Bag boi: Look I can run really fast!!
Lilith: good job…
Bag boi run falls into water while running
Me: See she’s already causing trouble


Wait I think her other thing is not taking fall damage

Samanthas Channel

i love you so much ash503


Okay but can we talk about Logan's little "ʸⁱᵖᵉᵉ!"


i'm watching the series from everyones pov and everytime the yawn scene comes in this episode i yawn too


Did anyone else notice she didn't take fall damage? 16:18

Corey de Wit

Tycer with his water weiner

Makiya Jackson

I mean I ship ash and tycer in this siries

Nightmare 167

What are the mods and textures and shaders in this?

Jenifer DeBlois

When ur quarentined bc of coronavirus so u decide to watch all ur favorite videos again

Candy King

I saw Ryan

Candy King

I saw Ryan

Candy King


The one we do not speak of

Ryan and his stupid little troll face 😂


At 16:18 she didn’t take damage

The one we do not speak of

Tycer: So mine need water..
Ash: Wooow
*Everyone giggles*
Logan: H2O my guy
*Everyone Laughs*
Me: Okay so we know that Ash and Logan are the 2 comedians here 😂

The one we do not speak of

Also, I never mentioned this, but your voice is adorable! 💕💕🐇🐇

The one we do not speak of

Hahah, Tycer got in TROUBLE by Ash the Group Mom


Ryan!!!!!!! <3

Ean Jones

Tbh this is my fav minecraft story..

reece Furber

I've been going through some very tough times and your channel has helped me alot but I bet ash wont heart this comment

07 Turtleboy

Did you know that about 240,000 people get struck by lightning every year and only 6,000 of those people die so the odds of getting struck by lightning and surviving are pretty good

Helene Duke

Tycer was 21 inches away from ash so how could he get slapped by ashes power and he would have went through her power


f you have a green screen use it ..


i know this is late but i was wondering if i could get a link to the music used during the flash back scene?


16:17 i found out ash's 3rd ability it is sad that she cant fly but its just she doesnt take fall damage . yes thats her third ability not taking fall damage because at this part i noticed the sound of her taking damage when she fell but then ash didnt loose any hearts so yeah you only dont loose hearts when you fall if you cant take fall damage


I mean why did you have to kiss typer he is so ugly


Why did you have to kiss concert he is so ugly

J Mayes

Wait….. Lilith has the ice power. When you, Logan/ Bag Boy(lol), and I think Chad saw a lady that (in my opinion) looked like Misty. So I think Lilith is suspicious. That lady was in ICE!

And if Logan doesn’t have a face, then how can he eat, talk, and hear…..

Misscookie Wolf

Ash: in her head wtf is going onnnnn me; it a frick'n simulation what the helllllll


3:53. I honestly though Ryan would turn around with that troll face on him lol 😂 😂

Kamole Hurst

What texture pack are you using😍

Andy Amaya

Lilith said ash

Aria Boyer

Ash here’s the truth that boy was ryan and ty for listening if you do! 🙂