NEW Mastery Challenge Leaks & Odin's Eye Compass – Assassin's Creed Valhalla DLC (AC Valhalla DLC)

The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Mastery Challenge Update looks like it’s going to be arriving next week and I talk about what we know about it so far including why I think those AC Valhalla Odin’s Runes are involved as well as why I still think Hilderan, the Mastery Challenge Trainer is voiced by actress Kathryn Winnick who played Lagertha in Vikings.

I think this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC will be good fun and answer a lot of questions regarding AC Valhalla Odin Runes and meteors as we have found Odin’s Eye which is a compass in the game files which we’ll need to use to find the Mastery Challenge Shrines, JorRaptor already finding one located in Mercia already. Once there, I think we’ll need to use our meditation to enter Hugrheim and complete Mastery Challenges on how to earn gold, silver, and bronze medals. We will then be able to exchange this for rewards at Hilderan, the AC Valhalla DLC Mastery Challenge Vendor.

It looks like these Mastery Challenges in the next AC Valhalla update will allow us to enter Freya’s Vault, which is the secret vault named in the game files that the meteor hits when we log in. I think we’ll then be able to use the Odin’s Eye Compass to open more Odin’s Runes Vaults.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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00:00 – Intro
00:27 – What are Mastery Challenges? (Release Date)
01:10 – Meteor Landing & Odin’s Rune Ravensthorpe – Mastery Challenge
02:14 – Hilderan Master Trainer (Lagertha?) & Battle Energy Amulet
03:53 – Shrine Locations – Mastery Challenge
05:17 – Rewards, Medals & Loadouts – Mastery Challenge
07:18 – Replayability & Wayland Armor Set – Mastery Challenge
07:56 – Odin’s Runes Vaults – Mastery Challenge
09:16 – Discord Community Photos & Thanks

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AndyReloads – Official Mastery Challenge Announcement from Ubi. Looks like we were on the mark 😎 Looks fun!

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Dark Angel

The mastery challenge is full of bugs, right now I'm not able to take the 2 artifacts inside the cave on the raven trial….

Emily Orter

1 opal is still bugged in ireland in uneils rest is inside the chest that holds the shield, you cannot grab the opal, the one in port auley is fixed

youssef kassabi 2017

Great video mate !!!

Altair Stealth

congrats on 6k!

Tina M Loonsfoot

Hopping they put something about Oden's Ruins in this update & give us A New Weapon or just give us something we don't have.


I hope with this update Ubi will fix Ciara bug so i can finish DLC 😔


Challenges look like fun. Looks like we finally get some gameplay we want. But the nerf in level. Do you think they miscalculated the level system in the base game? They could just started at lv 427 with the challenges


Getting excited again for Valhalla after 585 hours… great video..👊👊😂😂😂😂😂

Bored Gaming

I really wanna see valhalla whennn

David Butterworth

Wow just wow another awesome vid am like a kid at Christmas can't sleep now hope they do come out soon this mastery challenge again thank u to u and pedder for the amazing work I love it 👍 ps I joined your discord am daveybdj very nice group off people on there for sure already been welcomed into the assassin's brotherhood cheers guys 👍

jonathan cunningham

Love what you do keep learning new things about my favourite game series.

Ironside George

Nice work as always – my aim is to be as good as you one day! ✌️


Another great video from the best AC content creator hands down! 🙌🏽

Emily Orter

I think siege of paris will have mire odin runes and then we can solve it.

Here for the Comment section

Hopefully we’ll get NG+ soon too.

Here for the Comment section

What up my AC brotherhood


Thanks Andy! I’m really hoping the rewards include Skadi’s Blade.

Ben Myatt

Honestly, I could care less about a mastery challenges.

Dank's Delightful Gaming

Ubisoft literally just released a video explaining the Mastery challenge I think that the meteors that we seen fall are different than the one we're going to be seeing in the Mastery challenge


Ubisoft should try using the vault idea from Darksiders II. In that game you had to collect chapters of the book of death I think it was. And once you had a full chapter you got a key from your vendor which unlocked one of the vaults. This would allow players to have something to look forward to for unique gear and awesome armor sets. Use this idea Ubisoft!
Also I really would like to see a return of the older armor style that had longer tunics! This iconic look that started the whole Assassin's Creed genre needs to return. That's a fact. Please and thank you!


Brilliant! This is actually looking to be way bigger and more exciting than I was expecting! 🤗 You do all the leg work for wotd, and they can only release a 7 sec "image", but you work for the mastery challenge and they can't let you have it 😂


Ubisoft released the mastery challenges trailer today lol


The fact that ubisoft announced everything just after I finished watching this 🤣 spot on again man!

Hamish Cox

What I’m looking forward to is the one handed swords. I hope they make it so there is one for each class

Fun Writer

Can someone help me?
I can't use the online service from ubisoft……
I'm playing on ps4


When is it comming out on Tuesday?

Josh A

It's brave of them to add stealth challenges to a game with broken stealth
But oh well, I'm at least glad they're adding another flail as a reward for this

Kurt Cobain

That theory at the end was amazing!! I really hope it is like that!
Another great video again Andy!
And thanks for the coffee! ☕️


Ubi seems too think replayability means impossible to complete. Skyrim was easy as hell but i still play it.
Stop hiding rewards behind archery competitions and drinking challenges! I paid for this shit game,therefore i should be able to get thru the game & get the crappy reward!!!

Alain Kessler

I’m super hyped now! This video is awesome!!!


So, no leaks if they are ever gonna fix their goddamn cloth physics?

Pascal Palace

Thumbs up ✅
Coffee ✅
New Odin rune video inbound ✅😂

Altair Stealth

dude youre like the leak master


If this is better that wotd I will be mad 😡😂