No E3 until ESA Drops Support of SOPA

Game Theory and most other online shows, Let’s Plays, memes, parody movies, etc etc etc depend on a free and open Internet. SOPA/PIPA threaten to end this free exchange of ideas.

Sign a petition to have the ESA remove their support from SOPA/PIPA here –

Don’t understand SOPA? Stephen Colbert explains:

Ask your favorite websites to join the cause by not attending and covering E3 this year until the ESA changes their stance on SOPA and PIPA! If they truly opposed this legislation the last thing they want to do is support an entity that spent $190,000 on PIPA lobbying.

Are you a video game developer, publisher or gaming website that wants to be involved with this movement? Email StandTogetherSOPA at

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Odin Angie

I am requesting a Deltarune chapter 2 theory in the comments of every video on this channel.


To celebrate 10years of GT, I decided to re-watch the entire series from start to finish. This has been going on for so long


wow i next to a lot of old comments


This is a relic, ain’t it.

El Jefe

Joe mama


I honestly forgot any of this happened

amit x7

i never even realized this has been going on for this long

Bf Productions

Why did mat pat uploaded this from extra credits


I’m from the future. Youtube is in for a lot worse


Guy with glasses is VAMPIRE
He have giant teets

Jacob Prell

The history of Youtube is very interesting entwined with E3 and legilation


Hey MatPat, would you be willing to not attend or cover E3 until the ESA changes their support of SOPA and PIPA?


Evil Craig is not so evil in this vid.


Wow sure glad it didnt turn out that we are being monitored by a shady organisasion…
Sh** catches fire quickly if its allready dry and if we stop things like this from happening now we can prevent them in the future.
We should not be conditioned and lead by organisations that threaten free speech and creative media.


The internet is a basic media connecting the entire world to itself. Not in that way you perv's.
In the united states, media is considered to be a free speech so to speak, the internet is media which is covered by free speech, along with it numerous other types of information and content on every possible subject you could ever think of. SPOA threatens both sides of the gaming base, both us, the gamers, and the game developers themselves. Why the developers? Because if they put something on the internet it's basically free game for anyone to grab and use. The biggest threat is us gamers being completely cut off in all accesses to info about what we need to do some of the various entertaining things we do, and on the game developers side for releasing info about upcoming releases, essentially keeping everyone in the dark until the game hits the shelves.

If this complete violation of gareaunteed freedom hasn't been settled yet, which I don't know why it souldn't of been burned alive by now, I'd pass on the word if I showed any actual interest in Faceboob, Titer or MyTard. Other places like 4Chan, Reddit and some other third place, I'm just too lazy to make an account on them.


"Freedom of speech is not the same as lawlessness on the Internet. There is no inconsistency between protecting an open Internet and safeguarding intellectual property. Protecting intellectual property is not the same as censorship; the First Amendment does not protect stealing goods off trucks." (from Wikipedia.)

I'd just like to point out how antsy fan creators get when someone reposts their work and claims it as their own — and that is WITHOUT the financial part of it. This is not simply a black and white issue.

If we don't want SOPA, we need to learn how to behave ourselves WITHOUT it to continue to enjoy our freedom for the legitimate reasons.


Has it worked?

Corey Doyle

Fucking bureaucracies and Corporatocracy.

mega zero

Where the hell is MattPatt in all of this?!


Thank you YouTube,for putting a 2 years old TGT video as a new one! 😀

Lustra Guy

Guys this was in 2012, fucking 2012 


i'm gonna tell nintendo!


Just gotta interject a little here…..
How many people who watched this vid bought COD ghosts, or BF4, or Assassins Creed: Black Flag?
If so, you helped SOPA…… Bought the new Xbone? PS4???? YOU helped SOPA…..
yeah this vid is old now…. but the issue at hand is being kept fresh on politicians minds….
You have to stop caring about their products and supporting them, else all of your/our efforts are all for naught…


Uuuum, why is a video from 2012 in my subbox….


I'm getting fucking tired of these constant attempts to stifle internet freedom. Net neutrality is now gone making it perfectly legal for ISP's to fuck us in the ass and nickel and dime the shit out of us. And now SOPA is back AGAIN, what is this like the fourth attempt at pushing this through? When are they gonna stop this BULLSHIT.


ill tell tobuskus

Ryan Strano

This won't work unless we have another place with that much press and announcements.

ethanwdp wasadwaawa

Hm. In 2012 the internet was united for the first time in history to fight the government and SOPA. It had won.
A year later in 2013 the internet was united for the second time in history to fight Google and Google+'s takeover of YouTube. It had lost.
Guys, Google is stronger than the Government of America.

hassan palomo

So what happen in the end


What do they believe in?

Pyrple 2

SOPA really stands for Support of Online Porn Advertising.


cispa is total ass