Ohio's new concealed carry law takes effect Monday

A new law loosening restrictions on gun owners takes effect in Ohio.

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Peace Again

I got out of tickets just letting them know. Common sense.


Meanwhile over here in NJ this dumb dumb Murphy believes lawful owners will become criminals by simply allowing CCW. I mean how clueless & ignorant can someone be

The solution to gun violence is … more guns. LOL… good luck ya'll.

Nikki Gibson



Yes high five ohio from Utah great job

Just Revenant 🏴‍☠️

And just like that violent crime was reduced by half almost overnight

Pershing Rifles

Amazing. It sounds hypocritical.

1. How is one able to carry concealed
if the state does not permit it?
2. It will be chaos for Black man
to be pulled over and the officer
see the gun printing . Has
anyone discussed this with
law agencies? You should
always make an officer
aware if you are CC.


I'll take a solid armed citizenry over trigger happy thieving cops all day long.

Christi Givens


burbs l

Everybody should go to classes regardless of this law.

R. Ward ⚡️

Nice !!! Great job Ohio. 👏

Mike TackleBerry

The 8 hours of concealed training is fking worthless. You don't need a permit to exercise a right.

D'NYLE/ denial

Neither do the good guy’s

D'NYLE/ denial

But the law says

Big Smoke

Day by day America becomes more American


Congrats Ohio, you are being treated like adults.


Our governor is not the brightest that is for sure. The church should not let him receive communion gun control is a pro life issue. Shameful!!! Sinful!!!


More guns more bloodshed proven fact!

Stephen McGraw

The Karl Rittenhouse's across Ohio are rejoicing. A law enforcement suddenly discovers you are carrying a weapon and you didn't inform that officer you are armed. See how that works out. A person who has not had any training with that weapon is not only a threat to those around them. their a threat to themselves. But hey! These want to be Rambo's get to carry their precious guns. God Bless America!!!

Jared Ziegler

Excellent law for population reduction in major cities with gang rivalries;) Events for gang rivalries should be held even at the city’s cost. Say, rent a piece of vacant city land for $100 and invite all “bad ass” gang members attend with approved lawfully owned new guns! Include, no EMS will be called to specific location;)

Kevin Skeel

The news trying to fear monger constitutional carry…

Hugh Phillips - DIY Outdoors

You guys crack me up. No where in the constitution does it say the right to keep and bare arms only if you are 21, and have a permit and training. Lol. And, law abiding citizens would be honest with law inforcement anyway. That's why we are called "law abiding". Criminals have been carrying without training or permits since the beginning of time. That's why they are called "criminals". You think this new law is going to change how criminals act???? Lmao!!! Your hilarious. Just keep pushing your socialist agenda. Lol

Chaz Nonya

If I'm getting a ticket, I'll take my ticket and roll. No reason to escalate some poorly trained cop and trigger him into a dangerous situation. Cops should assume that every person could and may be recording and carrying. Let's be civil, aight?
"Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'."

someone somebody

SPEAK THE TRUTH- im offended over how ohio can do this but me in central new york, basically the boonies,cannot carry permitless,and they tell me i live in the UNITED WHICH MEANS TOGETHER AS 1 states, BULLSHIT .I WANT EQUALLITY, THATS SO WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS, BUT GOOD FOR OHIO THE LAND OF BIG WHITETAIL


ALL STATES should have constitutional carry..if you have to have a license to exercise a right it's not a right..

Tactical Teamkilling

I'm so glad Ohio allows permitless carry of airsoft guns now! Nice footage!


Soon as you tell that cop you are carrying a fire arm it automatically escalates the situation and that cop gets all worked up. You will probably end up in cuffs until they can show its your gun and you can legally possess it. If you had said nothing, you would get your ticket or warning and be on your way. Now you've been there for hours for being curtious and letting the cop know you're armed. Only a crook is going to hurt them with a gun and they aren't going to say, hey I got a gun. It's best to keep it unknown unless you are asked. Save your own life with silence.

Ben b

I literally seen videos where law-abiding citizens tell the cops they have a firearm and get a gun pulled them

jim z

I'm sure the bad guys inform an officer when they are carrying.


Proud to be from OHIO 🇺🇸


This will definitely help reduce crime, criminals will think twice about trying to rob someone not knowing if the person is armed. The idea that they could possibly defend themselves, is the only thing keeping law abiding citizens from being targeted. They target the weak and vulnerable.

Christian Marino

A good guy concealing a firearm will not harm an officer. A bad guy who is not allowed to own a firearm concealing a firearm will more than likely Harm a officer. So I don’t see why I should inform an officer that I am carrying a concealed firearm if I don’t have any intentions of harming them.

Bill Money

The funny thing is how they say hidden gun to try to make it sound scary


The law states if you are asked if you are carrying a firearm, you must tell the officer. Kind of deceiving to say you dont have to tell them! Wouldn't expect anything different on the news…


I love how they news acts like its a bad thing

Tom Cantu

Police only treat you like a criminal when you act like one, this is a stupid law proposed by stupid lawmakers.

Paul S

It's about time this law should make criminals think twice

Freddie Hoskins

If you tell a cop you have a gun they will immediately consider you as having brandished it , cowards to the core ! This is the first problem encountered with a concealed carry permit, as soon as an officer is aware of the permit everything changes , even if you are not at the time carrying the weapon !

Bone Crusher

All those crooked cops will have a hay day with is.