OLIVER 1850 Tractor Chisel Plowing

In this video Big Tractor Power is out in the field with a 92 hp OLIVER 1850 r tractor and 9 shank OLIVER 466 Chisel Plow.. This video shares the sights and sounds of tillage in South Central, WI. Viewers will also learn about this classic tractor’s production history, specifications and price tag. Watch for a FWA OLIVER 1850 and standard Cockshutt 1850 tractor in the video.

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Repairman Joe

My uncle John had an 1850 and we would occasionally use it on our farm. One of my best memories of that tractor was when my brother was moldboard plowing out in our back forty (the swamp) and all you could see was what appeared to be a brush fire over the tree-tops, just one continuous cloud of black smoke. It was a thing of beauty! I miss that tractor, I really do. He ended up trading it in for a really rusty and crappy looking F–d. The Oliver was ten times the tractor of it's replacement. Bad decision uncle John, bad decision. Just sayin.


Die Einebnung kann man sich hier aber auch sparen, das passiert ja nicht viel.

JayBernie Schoep

my dad had a 1655 oliver gas and 1755 oliver gas. my dad bought 1655 new for 7400.00 1755 was from a salvage yard. gave us grief.

Barry Bardo

No turbo on1850

marshall pfeiler

i dive a oliver 66 it will run the rake and wood splitter

Andy Wintz

I like watching the older small stuff as much as the big fancy stuff! Great video

An Individual

We have a 550 that is pretty much just a show tractor. My tractor is a 1655 that has a loader, cleans manure, fixes the yard and roads with a box scraper, mows, rakes hay, and runs a small square baler. We also have a 1955, but I haven't used it much yet. I've pulled a sprinkler track closer and a wing mower with it.

Randall Vos

And don't forget about the purple 1850s although records were not kept on which ones were painted purple. Several clone/tribute tractors are out there to showcase a neat part of Oliver history………..


Use to own a 1800 Gasser. Was a great old tractor. Always started on the coldest days. Made a great tractor for blowing snow

Josh Bergellin

The 354 Perkins in the 1850 was not turbocharged

paulo francisco


Bernard N i e s e n

What year did White purchase Oliver?

Kim Vicki

Good morning 🌅 brother

Vô danh

Love seeing the old school tractors. Brings back childhood memories.

rick janssen

Grew up in Charles City, IA. My father, uncle, father in law all worked in the tractor plant. Oliver was a very proud family oriented business. So sad they closed.

J.S Farms

I own an 1850, love that Perkins engine. Its pretty easy on fuel compared to my IH 856, and starts good in the cold. My 1850 wears a White 1730 QA loader and also is the round baling tractor. The 1850 and 856 are some of the best 90 hp class tractors to come out of the late 60s in my opinion.

Paul Pochan

The Other Green….!!!! Just don't see enough of 'em…..

Greg Gergen

That tractor is a bad hammer, jammer. All those early 1960's 90+ hp tractors were the bomb. I liked the JD 4020, the Allis Chalmers D21, The IH 1206, The Ford 9000, the biig Minneapolis Moline. I worked for Green Giant driving a pea combine the Summers of 1973 and 1974. There were 6 tractors on a crew and we had about all makes and models, all of the 80 to 100 hp range. I got to try them all.

Steve Pottschmidt

I like the fender radio. You could hear them better on the ground than from the seat. Listened to WLW 700 am from Cincinnati. I usually drove our Oliver 1900 with FWD.

Ryan Blackwelll 30

Really cool for a small tractor to be doing tillage what's even cooler is ya can get them with really nice detailed from SpecCast

Damjan R


Simon KL 11

It is always very nice to see an oliver out in the field😁👍 thanks for the video👍👍

Back Achers Homestead

My grandfather had an 1950 gas . It was a great tractor. Used it for planting and discing.


A very well maintained tractor for it’s age, clean and tidy. I only wish the young man driving it was wearing ear muffs, without them he’s doing his hearing terrible damage, by the time he’s my age he’ll be as deaf as a post. Regards from Down Under.


I could do with that gas powered version right now here in Canada, farm diesel is just under $2 ltr cdn versus farm gas is $1.37 ltr

Mohd Taufik



Awesome, Love Olivers. We had an 1850 diesel with fender tanks, absolutely loved that tractor. We had bolt on duals, that was so much fun to put on by myself (I only weighed about 145lbs in high school when we had this tractor in the 70's). We didn't have a chisel plow but a 4 bottom moldboard, field cultivator, disc, cultimultcher, planters and drills. Thanks for showing an 1850 brings back memories.

Dwight Clouse

When I was in trade school my friend and I worked for a farmer who had a 1950 and a 1850 diesel tractor and we spent a lot nights after school chisel plowing his fields.

Rick Perry

Great video…. He might be there for a bit… that’s a big field lol

Millard Hayes

That's a good video of a Oliver working

Dana Reynolds

He's working on bean stobble not corn stocks


We still use our 1850 for just about everything from tillage and silage cutting, and running the haybine and baler. Such versatile tractors that sip fuel.

Bob Smith

Now that Oliver is the perfect picture of a row crop tractor: open station with duals. That is how grandfather farmed his entire life.