Onigiri HEROES – MMORPG Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Onigiri HEROES (鬼斬 HEROES) – MMORPG Gameplay (Android/IOS)

◆ A one of a kind fantasy MMORPG set in Japan!
In the vast world of Onigiri, many unique buildings and characters appear in signature places like Onigashima, Sekigahara, Kyoto, and Edo, where a unique Japanese-style fantasy world awaits. The best part of “Onigiri Heroes” is that you can explore the world with other players!

◆ Easy to play & Action-packed MMORPG
Experience the exhilarating action of “Onigiri Heroes” by using one one attack button and multiple skill buttons. In addition, the newly implemented guard and evasion features will give you an advantage in battle!

Experience a new and thrilling adventure with this easy to learn, difficult to master gameplay.

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If this game were to have a complete remaster, I am sure this would be an incredibly popular game. It has loads of potential and the overall blueprint of it is great. But the combat, animations, graphics, and a myriad of other things definitely need a complete overhaul


I have a question. Why are all the Shops and features of the PC game missing in the mobile version when you start?? What kind of re-release is this??

The Last Gamers

Wish they would bring PSU back on mobile at least :/ that game spoiled me. I played this after & was like “what is this cheap knockoff” Lol


I used to play this a long time ago on PC

axess GCEC

well at least they fix the delay dmg and when onigiri is on the pc ver you expect full of delay dmg andndelay of changing weapons


My Phone is Huawei N90. why it doesn't work? I cant create a character. Can you help me?

Neo TricksterZero

Considering that most mobile games use Unreal Engine 4, it's no surprise that this is a relic of the past.

Not even a graphical enhancement can help it in the looks department. It needs a full-blown Remake.

Xiomi56 3456

For account problems, no one has discussed it, I'm afraid that when it's uninstalled, I repeat from the beginning how to secure it

Southern Soubian

I love this game

Alo Noi

Baixei aqui na App Store bagulho ta todo em japonaise mermao num to intendendo legal nao

Alpha Lucia

Very nice, we only need is cosmic break on both ios and android now we good

iKingll imvu

Nice is my first game in ps4 😎👍


Too old

Evolution Games

Can You Next Amane Switch

Wisdom Afoolweakness

Game as potential but it has bugs please get them to fix it

Kon Ran

if cyberstep remaster this game maybe people will come back.
game is not bad, just graphic too xtreme outdate. . .

Renaldy Saputra

pc game right?


Have Auto Path,Auto Quest?


Eu joguei ele no ps4 gostei mais parei pq tinha muito lag é jogar sozinho e muito chato 😫😫

John Maco

The devs have been trying so hard to revive this game. Like RLY hard.
But not a bad game, it was great 10 years ago.

Tabitha Jekson Missa

How to reroll or create another account?



Mohammed Al Halaq

I think this game should be released back in 1991 not now 😀
They was in coma and forgot about the release so they did it now haha.

ainuddin mohd zaki

Great..now we just need cosmic break on Android lol

Death Killer

Can someone log in from this game to his PC Character?

ooK jaY

Used to play this on my PS4 back 2014 n not really my style of games


I remembered playing this on my pc, back when this game was literally the only anime style game that i know, how nostalgic


No offense to the devs but this looks like one of those 2004 browser games you'd play during computer class…


asobimo looking game


this game might be like 15 years to late to party.

Welington xd

Interessante esse estilo de gráfico mais antigo.


How I saw a pc gameplay of this yesterday and today watching this I thought it was cross platform since back then

Nischal Gaming

1 view

Bryan Paul

use to play this in PC lol
is this by chance cross platform

Warna Gemer

Mantap lah