Oppo N1: CyanogenMod – Feature Focus

CyanogenMod is the trump card in the Oppo N1, easily installable and will be built into a limited edition release coming soon. Josh takes a look at how CyanogenMod looks on the N1, as well as the types of functions it brings to the large device.

Music by Leandro Pulmones

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Bonn Dell

I love this phone! x33 Can I ask, you, did you bought it from official Oppo Europe store? ^v^/

Erick Garza

Glad I saw this video. I was about to install CM, but pretty much everything you said are CM features already work with ColorOS. (Screen gestures while screen is off, O-touch configuration, etc). I don't see the need to install CM now.

Silvio Drvenkar

can i buy it in Croatia?

Pharez Knights

And would the Opo N1 Mini has the O-Click?

Pharez Knights

When is Oppo N1 Mini coming out and what is the price?

Nassir Hussein

Can you customize the gestures that are accessed on a sleeping screen?

Thomas Rijnbeek

What does the app pornodroido do??? 😉

Sagar Tanna

Hey, where can I get that kind of wallpapers from? Please? I like it very much

Jaimer Toresh

I wish there was a search function for android where in you can search everything even system files inside android

Din Drago

Awesome video

Pakkad Finearts

nice phone n' nice guy 

michal obtulovic


Yann Mölle

Nice Phone, now I have a Nexus 5 but if Oppo sells it with 64GB I would buy it!

Shaked Miz

Cant get my O-Click setup.


oppo boppo

Ben L

It has knock on like my G2!  Sweet!  I like the other gesture support too.  It's a very smart feature.


Nice but it kind of beats the point of Cyanogen which is to make the phones released out there faster and better by improving the OS. Given the choice here I'd be buying the Nexus 5. Really the best jump will be to 4.4 for the performance boost so having a 4.3 Android release seems a bit too soon considering the slightly lesser processor will fly with the new Android release. Currently the best option for me at least is the Moto G 16GB, which is what I bought last week, the camera isn't an issue as I have a good digital camera and it is getting 4.4 soon. Time to root and Cyanogenmod my old G300 as my backup and maybe pass on the ZTE Blade to 'she who happily inherits all my old phones'.


the o touch sounds pretty awesome


Is the use ART enabled on the Cayanogenmod rom?

Romil Balar

Awesome phone!!

Eugene Chuah

This is so sick!! 


wallpaper looks like a Nujabes album or something, lol