PICK-XELL Gameplay IOS / Android

“PICK-XELL” is a new and unique vertical scroll digging action game!
You can play easily, whenever & wherever!
Dig a whole in a pixel art world and collect as many gems as you can!!
How deep do you think you can dig endlessly??

◆◇Game Description◇◆
Somewhere in an unknown mine,
one “Mining Robot”
received just one mission:
“Dig all the Gem in this world!!”

◆◇How to play◇◆
It’s simple, just tap either left or right on your screen!
Dig deeper and deeper to collect as many gems as you can.
However! Avoid digging the skull otherwise, your battery will run out immediately and stops.

Yes, that’s right, you need a battery to dig!
You can charge while digging but your energy starts to
lose when you stop, so don’t stop and keep digging

◆◇Enjoy 2 game modes◇◆
“Work” is a mission-style mode!
“Dig until there!” “Dig more!” “Gather Gems!”
As Work requests keep increasing, clear the stage without leaving any Work unfinished!

“Endless” is a trial mode.
Dig as far as you can until your battery runs out!
Test your limits!  Compete with rivals around the world for top score!

◆◇Use Gems to power up!◇◆
Dig, gather, get stronger!
When you use Gems, you can power up your abilities!
Improve your digging speed, increase your battery level, increase the number of gems you can get!
You might be able to get an “Equipment” which has special effects….?
Use your power ups well, clear difficult Work, and aim for an even higher score in Endless!

◆◇Reach goals and get new characters!◇◆
You can get new characters when you reach certain goals like
reaching to a high score, digging really deep, or getting lots of gems etc.!
Play many times and start collecting unique, new characters.
Play with your favorite character and share your scores with your friends!

★☆Game Features☆★
・It’s exhilarating flicking the screen with simple movements!!
・Nostalgic pixel art and 8 bit background music
・Get stronger with equipment and skills with “Gems”!
・You can play over 100 missions for free.
・Whenever, wherever, as long as you want!  Loaded with “Endless”!

Download and enjoy “PICK-XELL” for free.
You can play the entire game for free, but there are also an
in-game items that are able to purchase.

About data transfer and restoration
In “PICK-XELL” your game progress data is stored only on each device.
If you transfer your data to another device, deleted data on the previous device cannot be restored.
Thank you for your understanding.


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