Police chase semi truck on cliff edge in BeamNG multiplayer mod gameplay. Can SpyCakes make it down the mountain in a semi truck or will a police chase ensue with downhill crashes? This is a BeamNG Drive multiplayer featuring downhill crashes, a police chase and funny moments!

►Police chase strangest cars!

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About Beamng Drive

A realistic, immersive driving game offering near-limitless possibilities including racing. The soft-body physics engine simulates every component of a vehicle in real time, resulting in realistic, dynamic behavior. The driving feel is authentic and visceral, and crashes are realistic!

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Something always happens in his videos and they are crazy and
Fun and funny and I love them


Spy is my favourite I love his videos

Oscar B

spy i love your vidios

Sally Good GOB SPY

Spy cakes your contents are amazing and the police chas wasssss! Asome like it was out of a move!!!!


Bro said not for me😂


You've carried my childhood from 2008 to today thanks spy I still watch yours videos 😊

fatima masood

Get Get Get and for humanity whenever and wherever it is possible to use 3rd party to be a improved # 3rd party to the basic

William Fuquay

Hi spycakes I’ve been watching you for a very long time and wondered if you could bring back G mod hide and seek slasher in murder mystery

Daisy Karen

I did this to a cop car in 2006 with the company truck I was driving in real life it was town in sinking springs Pennsylvania just out side reading I got suck in mud in morning then had to get tow out. Then the trans was screw up and I roll back wards over cop car. I can't seem to get work as truck driver after that.

Yanrong chen



nice game of beamn-wheeee

AFD Animations

No one:….
Me: IROHAZAKA JUMPP!!!!! (5:03

William Walker Taylor

Spy I appreciate your videos and you have so much positive feedback, also OB makes ur videos silly and camodo makes them sassy and make more sense


Yes I asked I receive also great content you always made my day. Keep up the great work

Josh Benz

Can you do more turnado in a abadin car in garys mod

Beamng foster

Does your channel monitize?

Afrim Idrizi


Ronald Freitas

Spy are you gonna make more Garry's mod,and beamng drive videos?

Loryn Smith

i want to piay with you

Carl Carlson

As much as i love all your videos, can you please play some mon bazou and long drive please!

Boggo the doggo

Hey I have a question can you play paint the town red

Charles Luna

I wish I can meet u in Roblox love ur vids❤

Phani Raj

how are you sir i would like to invite you

Katy Granados

Can you do more secret neighbor pleaseeeeee

Phani Raj



Love ur vids spy brick rigs is great and gmod. All ur vids are amazing and like the other guy said maybe more wreckfest

Mike Theilen

The police keep getting dumber and dumber 🤣


If you can and will,bring Brandon again,please

Carlo Bugas

make episode 3 on sons of the forest

William Payne

@spycakes I love your videos and when I watch them they make me happy no matter what is going on in my life.


Spycakes I’m so happy that you are playing with the boys more
Yay yay 😁


Spycakes, you’ve really made my childhood. Ever since 2018, I love you ❤️ (I forgot about you for a year)

EDIT 1: Actually 2017, I remember Ob’s BEAUTIFUL Watermelon catapult


This is what ob Camodo and spy are made for lol😂😂😂

claudia chavez


claudia chavez

day 4 of asking spy if he has a wife


Been watching this channel since 2018 and has changed a bit but still entertaining to watch

Link Whitlow

I want to meet you
And I like your videos and I want to be like you I want to play with you and i don’t have a computer

Link Whitlow


Link Whitlow

Can you do a doge Chase

David Blakney

what is the truck mod

Kla Davis

You should like and subscribe to spy’s cakes and OB and Comodo gaming

Elijah Moultrie

Can you guys ply gmod again

Elijah Moultrie

Your vids are the best🎉


Love the video! Are you going to play PVZ again?


hello spycakes love your videos keep it up

Maria Hernandez

Bro did a barrel roll