Pre Hurricane Fishing at a Spillway, I Caught a Giant on a Tiny Bait! (Catch & Cook)

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Win the DECKED Ultimate Tailgate Giveaway! Enter today at for your chance to win. Hurry! Ends 10/3/2022. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. See site for details.


I've been watching your brother Robert and his channel for years and just found your channel and love it! You guys are awesome.. I truly hope to cross paths with yall someday!

Roy Gaffney

Hope all of your wonderful families are safe through that thing!! I subscribe to everything you guys do including Kelly Young and DeerMom.

joseph tucci

I'm glad your okay.. how about you brother and his family. Prayers are being sent from NJ

Sabrina Evans

Are you guys ok now that the storm has passed?

Anne O'Nemus

Horrible the way you just dump living fish into an icy cooler. So humane. Cruel and senseless.


Did you need to put that on a shirt! “I need to rip some lips”

James A. Hall

God bless you, your family, and friends in the name of Jesus spiritually, mentally, physically, and financially amen!


If you can put out a YouTube short to let us know y’all made it through ok

Katie Lilly

Hope youre doing alright ! Interested to see you your after hurricane video 😭😭 did the chickens/turkey make it out okay ?

Brian Zantop

Man that crappie stick is where it's at!!! Just doink one after the other!! Gotta get me one of those!!

michael khan

No you wasn’t, I actually find you was soft on him😊.

Brian Zantop

Dude I've been in Florida 16 years and still never rode in an airboat!!! Now that is the way to see Florida!!!!


Your videos seem to bring me a good feeling . Blessings 🙌

Daniel Thomas


Hard Docs

WOW – total chaos MASH UP! Loved that!

Water Assassin Fishing & Builds

I got a supercharger between my legs!!!! 😂🌂🪶🍆


Gross why would you eat largemouth bass let that bass get bigger trophy 🏆 striper or grouper to eat even a sheepshead

michael khan

Tarzan lucky to have you all carry him on that trip😊

shadrach lane

We need an update how are yall holding up?

Mark Lowe

Sad thing is all the none native species are eating the native..

lavell sims

i hope you and your famlies are welll and safe im retired 1st sgt E-8us army 24 years im reakky from gainesvylle fla but the army seant me to mechanicsburg pa NAVY DEPOT AND I HAVE BEEN HERE EVER SCENCE RETIRED FROM THE ARMY TWO YEARS IN VIET NAM i love watching you guys when you fish for breams but i dont think i could wade in the water with the aligators stay safe bob sims 😁😁😁😄


How about some of the people with boats can go fishing and give them fish to the people that can't get food right now because of the hurricane going on.. the help unit needs help, who thinks that's a good idea 💡 😀 love everyone ❤️


Where is this spot 😂

X-22 Adventures

I watched him let that bass go and my heart dropped because I know that feeling. Both my boys let their PB’s go before a picture was taken and they became just another fish story…
On another note. You were Not hard on him at all. Lessons learned
Keep doing what you are doing with those kids Gabe. You are teaching them the right way to live. On Fire


Bluegabe…love your content im from Alabama and miss fishing and hunting so when I see your vids I’d have some joy. but bro please grab u some tripods😂🤦🏾‍♂️you’d have way more better angles then some u have or a camera stabilizer

Dã Ngoại Cùng Hòa

It's fun ! Like

Chris Bagidney

He ur a cane lol

Donny Prass

luar biasa bangett …semangat terus..dan sukses selalu paman…🇲🇨