Pyramid Films Logo History [1960-Present] [Ep 259]


Took only a few hours to make. It was quite easy to go through all the variants. Enjoy.

Pyramid Films is an educational media company based in Santa Monica (California) with a catalog of nearly 700 titles. Founded in 1960 by Dave and Lynn Adams, Pyramid initially focused on CPR-training films, before branching out to other topics such as anti-smoking films and anti-drug films.

My next logo history will be whatever is voted highest on a poll that I’m working on, which will be released sometime soon.

This video was released for educational purposes only.

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What are your favorite logos from Pyramid Films?

Super Eddie Peanuts The Vyonder 1927

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Super Eddie Peanuts The Vyonder 1927

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I was wondering if I’d ever hear a undamaged version of the popular one…

Marble Productions

Crazy to think the second logo has been used for 40 YEARS…

iiCarlosMatthews Productions


CP1973 Productions

Yet again another good logo history video!

omar irqi

thats great

Hayley Waalen

You should look into Disney Educational Productions logo history.

The 90210 Officer

If you haven't yet, could you do Traveller's Tales?

New York And New Jersey


Ammon Hayes

Like Logos Still

Man Ferro

Out of two logos from Pyramid Films, I think the 1977 logo is the best one. It's one of the earliest logos to use CG animation, which is amazing. The CG animation is dated considering today's standards, but it is spectacular for the 1970s standards, and shows how impressive the logos from an old decade can be! The music is also nice to listen to.
Also, it's creepy that the audio is distorted in 16mm film, possibly because of the fact that the film is deteriorated.

Connecticut And Rhode Island #Roadto2023

Awesome, if you upload trilogo histories want too?

Alvin Fredlin

🇺🇲 [Episode 259] Pyramid Logo History [1960-1977]

CalebTV The Logo Editor

14 Requests

Sgt. George Ishaq