Rachel's Driving the Tractor!!

In today’s video Rachel and Jeremiah hauled in around 30 hay bales.

Thanks for watching!!

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Dean Campfield

By gosh you're dad's the fastest hay cutter I've ever seen hahaha ok that joke said Carry on

Armpit Studios

Really glad to hear you don’t use netwrap.


When you say they don't have AC, do you mean lacking AC systems, or that one or more tractors has non-functioning AC? I realize those can be expensive to fix if the compressor or evaporator needs replacing.


Great work!!!

Jeff Craft

Have your Dad tell youtuber Jonas Marcinko where to get Allis bailer knotter parts.

Joyce Hulett

You go girl you look so happy

John Henderson

Great video

David Kimmel

Thank You for sharing your family videos with us all. Really enjoy 😊

Byron Cutshaw

Grinding gears eventually costs a ton of money to repair,

coleen smith

What is the difference between hay bales and stock bales?

Fox Run Farms

Thanks for the double videos this week. It was a nice surprise and both were very enjoyable to watch as usual. It's always nice seeing the whole work together to get tasks done. Great job running the tractor. The more you do it the more natural it'll be. Pretty soon you'll jump in one and it'd be like clockwork.

I was wondering if you guys ever considered renting a bale wrapper? The hay looks really good, and could preserve it more with plastic wrap. The down fall with that is though it can be messy and you need to dispose of the plastic after its cut. Or does it not really justify cost vs what layers might get lost?

Either way greatly appreciate the another awesome video. Can't wait for the next one.

Rubi Doo

of course we will enjoy it. Love this channel !!!

Also loved the AC ac joke 🙂

Thank you for the content

chinook usa - Al's channel

Great video again, Rachel! Yeah, would be for sure nice, if the AC would have a AC, lol😁​😂​. Greetings from Bavaria.

Jeff G

Looks like fun.

Myron T Howley

Rachel, keep up the excellent work and bring Iowa values to YouTube. Myron from Sioux City.

William Matzek

Rachel I don't have a c on any of my tractors. They are John Deere.

David King

How many bales did you bring in?

Scott Davenport

Great vid as usual…no AC, sounds familiar. Keep em coming…God Bless y'all.

JaKe F

It's nice to see you in the tractor. You and Jeremiah move hay like you know things about it.

James L Coble

Terrific video. I know that it would be nice to have at least 1 tractor with ac lol. Hope the week goes great for everyone. I'm actually on the lookout for another tractor. Would like to find an allis Chalmers d17, but anything around that size would be nice. Be safe and God bless.

Tom Anderson

The two of you make a good team picking up bales. With the wind blowing and windows open it usually isn't too bad in those older style tractor cabs. Nothing better than working out in the fields of the great Midwest. Your segment on the tractor show was quite interesting, lots of Allis Chalmers history there. Was that at the Amana Colonies? Always enjoy and always a good job. Until next time.


i don't know how not to grind gears on a tract…


Be sure to wear ear buds or some other ear protection. I tried putting a straight pipe on our 200 and 7045. Sounds cool but my hearing's more important than it sounding cool.

Whatever 666


Faye Ashcroft

Well done 👍 driving the tractor 🚜 Rachel 🚜🚜🚜
Looks great 👍 on the farm
Are you going to drive a truck 🛻 next ??? Kenworth or Mack ???
Have a good week
Cheers 🥂🍦🍦🍦🍔🍔🍔🥩🥩🥩😻😻😻
Australia 🇦🇺 🚜🚜🚜

Barry Harman

A very enjoyable video, thank you

P. H.

Love your sense of humor

Glenn Recker

Your A C tractors are Air Challenged. LOL

Berend Strijk

Nice driving the tractor Rachel, well done! You did it in your own pace and that's very good of you. When you mentioned the AC not working I thought of our method when you don't have AC: open all the windows and let the Air of Canada in 🙂 I love tractors and it is nice to see them in action from old to young

Phillip Seaton

Hi Rachel you and Jeremiah work very well together. The AC tractor has air conditioning like the 4/60 ac on cars except it's more like 2/10 yall

Zia Uddin

awesome Round bails & beautiful tractor driving ❤️❤️💕#👍

JayBernie Schoep

You. Did a great job Rachael🥴🤗

Ronnie Walker

Good 👍 job yall

Mike Boeckerman

If you can't find them grind them! I got a few Deere's here with working AC just sayin. Nothing wrong with AC's with no AC though. Great video!

Gene Imdieke

I like your "Farm Girl" cap and you comment, "Our AC's don't have AC!" Your videos are always interesting!!!

Big foot

You do great, if you can’t find them, grind them. Thanks for the video.

John Demeen

Just wondering what part of Iowa? I lived in Forest City for 3 years. Thanks from St. Paul Minnesota.

Jennifer Hallam

Good stuff Rachel, you are much better than you give yourself credit for. 👍❤

Michael Vogel

I just bought a 7010, and it's not getting delivered until the air-conditioning is fixed!

Rick Bodi

But you had a" Green" hat on! ☹️👍✌️