RC tractor pulling | World Championships NR/CTPA | Highlights

Highlights from the RC Tractor Pulling World Championships

The National Remote Control Truck and Tractor Pulling Association presents the World Championships. The best RC pulling trucks and pulling tractors can be seen at this event. These remote control vehicles are mostly custom built and some even have multiple engines. For more information check out the NRCTPA


Oval RC



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yet again the rc world never ceases to surprise me with another form of rc, being a young enthusiast i have seen nothing but support from others in the community 🙂

rick cary

Whats the hose dangling behind? 🤔

ryan leigh

World champs?? Does America understand that the world consists of more than just the usa??


"world championships" Americans are so full of them selves… 🙄

Norm Hiscock

People get really bored lol.

Musthafa Iqbal Aziz

Can i screen shoot


How did I wind up here?

Gary Lytle

Work that dirt.

Jack Morrison

Rc tractor pulling?? Ok…. now ive seen the most stupid fking thing, only america and adding to the divorce rate.

Explore With me


Dave Reeves

What in tarnation! This is a thing? 🤣

Marshall Starnes

I subbed, cause I'm hooked like a fish now, I friggin love it!!


how fkn lame

Joey Z


DIY Electric Biker

That's amazing

Never seen this before mew to me.

John Demeen

You should be so proud. What an achievement. St. Paul.


What amount of weight is in the sledges?

dana Smith

This is hilarious who'd have thought they'd ever do anything this weird

Aaron Sorensen

This is just as interesting as the real ones.

Alex Ames

This is so awesome…but why not do track maintenance and run a plate compactor to smooth it back out


Decent video, but next time just show us who won and what category they won

Jo Ski

Good to see the old boys enjoying a hobby

E Bell

Child toy 🕵️

Brian Szulwach

Absolutely the coolest thing I've seen lately!!

Paul Janssen

Some of the wives would love this one honey where's my new diamond ring I had to spend it on a set of pistons for the pro truck in the Barn I guess that's where you'll be sleeping for the next few weeks. And I won't be serving you any food either. 😘😉

Glen Tanner

I never knew there was a RC tractor pulling, very interesting. I'm assuming that large white tube is sending air into the intake valve to give it more power?

Anthony's Malawi Predators

The scale experience never fails to amaze me! Thanks for sharing this!!!

Joe Fudd

I've been there before many times at that hotel years ago when it was a Ramada Inn and SPx Robinair were up there! I thought that it looked familiar? It has a hot tub up on the second floor! I got snowed in there a couple of times too! Nice lounge there. I saw the Ohio Art theater in Bryan, home of the famous Etch-A-Sketch and dined at the Barn restaurant up in Archbold! Visited Sauder Village too! Those RC pullers look like a lot of fun!

Francis James


ralph lawson

How stupid

James Lynch

I have never seen this before THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO 👍🏻👍🏽👍🏿🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Shawn Williams

What's the hose for?

Jerome Laporte

This will be so much better to see without this stupid exhaust hose.
Let smell nitro is the best fun !
And even indoor if size is enough, no risk.

Let the gaaaaaaaaaasssss smoke 😁😁😁🇲🇫

Jerome Laporte

The 4 motor at begin desserve price of scale réalisme in extrem a d John Deere in parts same.

Deutz d30 fahrer

Das ist cool 😎 einfach nur cool.👍👍👍👍👍👍

Eddie spagetti

Lame no exhaust allowed


To each his own but man that looks boring af

B Danielcal

Looks like the nitro's and gassers got the electrics beat .it's just like my friend he has a Ford lightning pickup he towed his boat and only got 100 miles fully charged and it struggled big time getting it out of the water …

Kevin Smith

Wicked cool 😎 ✌️🫡🇺🇸