Reborn doll Family Camping Trip Ruined by storm

Reborn doll Family Camping Trip Ruined by storm

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Flo B

I just got home from a camping trip

Jennifer Edwards

This was such a fun video! 😍❤

Chairity Moore


Raychel Caliber

just discovered your channel and I think you're so beautiful! Really wish I had dolls like yours! I grew up dirt poor and never had any toys,I hated Santa Claus so much because he never got me a baby doll like I wanted

Shirley Harris

Hi just was a very nice camping trip I enjoyed being with you guys on your trip

Colleen Wenqusit

So cute

Lacey Prosser

Keep posting


Real is actually called a quad quad

Angel Thank GOD For Angel's

Vincent is hilarious 🤣 "Time to take a nap"!

Angel Thank GOD For Angel's

It is so lovely when Dad helps out with the babies…. Like when he went to the park with the babies…. Just adorable….. Love the whole entire family

Natalie Wrotto

I love the rp but is it weird that Brody kinda creeps me out?

Samurai Reincarnation

I love how your family enjoys them too and is willing to roleplay with them as well


Building on autumn's neck

Raffaella Pizzico

Anche la tempesta

Raffaella Pizzico

Troppo bellooooo waooooooooo

Ann's Colorful Life

I really did enjoy this video. The smores looked good!!!!!! Thanks for taking the time to put this together for us.

Bella Boo Reborn Nursery

This happens to us all the time it made me laugh to myself out loud you have all the outside stuff set up you got the campfire going and then a stupid storm comes through been there done that I can relate.

Corrinna Tompkins

What a great video sometimes God has different plans then we do but in the end it all works out those s'mores looked so good even from the microwave I hope when I start my channel and begin vlogging with my reborn baby Hannah and real-life puppy Jeremiah that my husband is as supportive as yours by the way we have had a lot of storms here lately too. But The Lord protects us and keeps us save in his loving arms till the storm passes over

P Kloppenburg

I like ur channel very much. Greetings from the Netherlands

Ludovica Romano

Oh Fabiola, your reborn channel is the most fascinatin' on YT! You're the one that makes a variaty of roles among ur babies…love It! 💕💕

Londyn charity

Hey girl 🥰 love you

lara reborn world kropf


Madison’s TV

I just love this it looks so cute I love how you put a fire 🔥 and making sure the babies are OK and they were too cute as alwaysss you too girl you look 😻 amazing 🤩

heather kerkaert

we are camping this weekend with my hubby's siblings and their families. it always storms when we are camping. last year a srorm ruined my brother in law's boat


Amen JESUS died and rose again JESUS is coming back to save his children like me JESUS loves you so much spread the gospel Like I just did It makes JESUS so happy amen JESUS loves you so much more than you could ever imagine Amen may JESUS bless you

Lisa Stokes

Beautiful 🥰❤️❤️🥰 family.

Rachel Rachel

great video 😊

Janet Friesen

your videos help me with the toys i have for ny dolls

Amber DeAngelis

You’re videos are so wholesome. I really like to see that in this community.

misaki Rapoza

So fun video!! Please do more of the reborns talking to each other

Sanira dancer

Hi hAve fun caping

Autistic reborn mommy

What kit is Brody and I love all ur videos and all ur reborns are so cute


Camping oh my gosh I took my reborn dolls camping too I had a dream about autumn I took her to the park and to get some ice cream!
I think you should take her to the park and make her some ice cream for the next video idea if you can💛

Michelle Duke

Love your videos can't wait for the next one always ❤


It's so cool how the whole family gets involved in the reborns, I love it. And this summer has been kinda insane in weather this year everywhere. We used to call it front room campout all of us with sleeping bags popcorn and movies. Maybe you can try again. Sorry the weather ruined your fun Autumn and Brody.

Linda Ventimiglia

Do you give your real kids as much attention as you do dolls I don't get it

Lucy and babys reborns in collection

Adorable vídeo So cutes… Beautiful babys rebons in collection.🤗❤💙💚💞😍🤩

Diana Harriman

Give me some marshmallows now

Diana Harriman

Autumn is so cute

Lisa Keelan

Love your channel ❤ and your reborns

Teniel Pinnock

I love your videos so much I have been here since u started from the fist video I've always wanted a rebron but dont have the money since there so expensive

Maydelyn Reyes

Autumn and brooy and Aubry be careful with thunderstorm

Lanaisha White

Like the show


Reborn,‘sup?. pro ~take care~