Repeat ROW and COLUMN Headers on Each page in Excel

In this video, I will show you how to repeat row and column headers for each page in Excel.

This is especially useful when you’re printing a report that has a lot of data. You can use the method shown in this video to make sure the rows and column headers appear on each page of the printed report.

This can be done by changing a setting in the Page Setup dialog box.

This video is a part of my ‘Excel is two-minute’ series, where I share simple and quick tips to help you speed up your work and be more efficient

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Brian Morrison

perfect … helped me to recall something I have not used for years

Ye Matias

Thanks a lot


how i can do this by VBA

rohit Gupta

I want to creat row as a header I don't want to my row items show as a master row

Satyam Saboo

Thank you 😀

Julio Lebron


vann ordonia

Thank you ❤️🙏

Constantine Isslamow

Thank you for sharing.

Sandhya Tripathi

How to deactivate I'd is not printed in next sheet…??? please help me

Mukund Badnerkar

agar se jada title name dalna ho to

Carlos Francisco Roque Valdez


nangue galbert


Anshumaan Bhagat

this thing is locked in my exel. can anyone help?

Diwakar Zalte

Gr8…it works….thnks for ths video…

Miguel Lomeli

Thank you Sumit very helpful


this is for printing – but how do you do you creat a new sheet in excell with same headings with out previous data below

Sunshine Rose

Nice, clear video and sound. You kept it short and sweet and easy to follow and understand. Thanks!



siti farahiyah

Hi sir, how can i put a page number in repeated row and can be saved in one document. I found a vb macro but the document will be save separately according to page no. Hope you can help

Sundaram Saravanan

useful one.
thankyou very much

Dublu Em

Te drecu de detept ca a mers!

vandavasi cms


Dave Mitchem

Thank you so much! Super easy when someone shows you how! You are awesome!

donna anasse

I need the headers not to just print but for ease of use.

Amay Kumar

How to repeat rows on every alternative page?

Humphrey Makere

thank you this helped.

Roshan Anant Patil

Thanks! That was short & to the point. Good Luck!

Raj Dutta

thanku very much

Shaz Edwards

legend – thank you!

Shreeji Sales

Pricisly and thoroughly explained. Good job 👌👍

Lakshmi Arora

Thank it right first time