Restoration obsolete KUBOTA ZL2201 Tractor – Tractor Gearbox Restore

Restoration obsolete KUBOTA ZL2201 Tractor – Tractor Gearbox Restore Part 4
To be able to drive the transmission produced by the engine, we need a transmission to transmit the motion. The gearbox needs to be revived well to operate smoothly. Watch us work on this kubota tractor transmission. We are happy to receive your comments

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John Faraguna

Really good work. Better than some other pretenders. Keep it up.👍

Subhash d91


لا شي افضل من مقاومه الارهاب الامريكي ⚔️👎🔞


Когда будет готов UAZ?

Dan Esho

Where is the completed UAZ469? Please share a video on the completed UAZ469. What's the point if you start a race and never finished?

Gleb Ильин

Когда УАЗ ? сделай уазик:)

Thyy Lee

Các anh em tài giỏi quá .Nể thật chứ. 👍♥️

Yuspi Vlog


Ka Team Humble

nice video my frnd i love it

Сагын Кенешов

А где продолжение с уазиком?

Peter Larson

Thank you, for doing this video! That is my tractor almost exactly!

Michelle Olson

Awesome video! I am a part of the BBTV content partnerships team and we have had your channel on our radar for quite some time and would love to connect. Let me know if you are interested in how our services can help propel your channel and brand forward. I am happy to provide further information via email or set up a 10 minute call.

Lahiru Sandaruwan

i know it's hard work but when will be the new video ?

Davis O

Is that a bed in the background? Tell me they are not running a diesel engine in their bedroom?

Gary Burg, my life and times

Making progress, one component at a time 😁


Go uaz!!!!

shankar Bc

I waiting your nex video


Привет всем, я похоже тут один ожидал, что у него в конце останется несколько лишних шестиренок…???

Alessandro Pezzella


عباس عباس

حسنت صنعن ستمر

Luciano Figueiredo

Você é muito bom parabéns ótimo trabalho 👍👍

Kas Ab

Вроде как получается, давай дальше!

Optical Trace

Once again you have restored NOTHING. Your only concern seems to be to make it look pretty on the outside. No new parts used. All you have done is to introduce dirt and grit into already old bearings and you have put some shims back in the wrong place!

А. S.

А зачем маску то напялили?


You guys do awesome work and I really enjoy watching your channel and these amazing restorations, thanks for sharing and I’ll be waiting for the next part, 👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🇺🇸

Как новая!!! Я бы разобрал и год собирал её)))) и то не факт что собрал бы))) мануал есть?))

William Wallace

These videos are fun to watch but this tractor did not require a complete breakdown. Good for YouTube dollars but completely unnecessary to get the tractor in operating condition. My 78’ Kubota tractor is beat all to hell but still runs as good as ever.

Rabbit the Rabbit

When will you make progress on the UAZ 469?

Donna M. Schmid

Fantastic! Keep up the great videos, Guys!

Ezequiel Silva

Muito bom 👏👏