RK19 Tractor from Rural King

The RK19H Sub-Compact series tractor packs plenty of power in a small package. Easy to operate and perfect for a wide range of property maintenance applications, plus all of those big projects that you’ve always wanted to complete, but never had the right equipment to help make it happen. With an RK19H subcompact tractor, your only limit is your imagination.

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Richard Glandus

Très belle vidéo
Très beau tracteur et très bien équipé
J'aimerais bien l'essayer,
Dommage qu'il n'y en ait pas en France.
Vous pourriez en exporter ??

Juan r rodriguez R0driguez


Bone Stock Garage

Just bought one, very well built tractor. Hopefully will continue to post more content of the RK19 working.

Yashvendra Singh

Which country this video belong to

sigfan 45

I hope Rural King sells lots of these. It's good that land owners and business owners can finally get decent equipment without paying through the nose.

Brandon Bentley

Looks like a nice tractor!