Sacramento anti-camping ordinances take effect

Sacramento anti-camping ordinances take effect

Concerned Sacramento parents and protestors say the city isn’t doing enough to help unhoused people stay off the streets.

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Middle Guy

Good now enforce it

Brent Ferry

Change you vote. Keep voting the same keep keeping the same.

Malachi Mosby

So where they supposed to go?

David Carruthers


Monsi Time

Get homeless away from children

Sidney Bristow

This isn’t a lack of housing issue. It’s a drug mental illness and street people issue. That’s why it’s not solved, wrong approach. You can’t just put people untreated into hotels. Everything gets ruined.

Christian Milkes

Educating drug addicts ajajaja they don’t need houses, they need to be lock away in a Psychiatric Center where they can get the help they need. The city gave them trailer, they trash them, burned them, now they want to give them houses hahaha what a joke.


Street homeless are fentanyl addicts, and street encampments are open air drugs markets brewing all sorts of crime. They gradually destroy everything around themselves while police does nothing about it. They reject shelters, rehab, treatment and such programs. Fentanyl destroy humans mentally and physically beyond the point of repair very quickly.

Tailgate Carpenter

If I had kids and had to step off the sidewalk to take them to school I would rent a Bobcat loader and drive right through the middle of all the tents with pepper spray in front. Time to take back our cities!

Ray Gottschall

Poverty is the greatest crime created by our US government. NAFTA is the cause of the homelessness and has forced 60% of Americans to live at or below the poverty level. We have reached the end of man’s life on earth. Denial will not halt the inevitable. Only Love will take us home.
Rev Dr Ray

Dev JB

As an experiment, please spray the road with manure and let it sit for a week before washing. It shines up things nicely in the area.

Barbara Currie

What happened to forcing people to accept help?


So why don't these politicians do their job and get these people help. They just want to send money and help to other country's sending billions to Ukraine where they have their money and other nefarious deals happening while our people here go down in flames. This is ridiculous! Most of these people are either mental, addicts and those who can not afford the housing they need.
No one cares about this. Why write a stupid ordinance that does nothing to solve the problem????


A friend lives near 14th and x streets and has tent's across the street from his house, and has watched drug deals and protutition going on in these tent's and they have a mountain of garbage they leave behind. It's a mess

Iam Gabriel

I say let the homeless campout around Walmart, big box stores, and casinos. Ha, ha, ha! That will never happen because those entities donate too much money to the politicians for protection against the scourge. Homeless camping around the small businesses is just another way for guvmnt to drive out the little guy. Think about it.

Iam Gabriel

I really wish they would enforce this ordinance. It's disgusting what has become of the city. I don't even go to Sacramento or SF anymore because they have become overrun by homeless drunks and addicts. Officials have their hair on fire about the plandemic but ignore the inherent health and safety violations in the homeless clusters. I notice that the homeless are not allowed to camp campout around Walmart, other big box stores and around the casinos. Gee, I wonder why that is?


It's stereotype to think that homeless people are miserable. It's their choice. If they are not happy about it, they will find a job and make a change. That's why I never felt sorry for them.


City officials will not do anything except put the money in their pocket

the guy 420

Just look for homeless people supposed to do just die

Juan Escobedo

Get the homeless off the dope.

Kaitlin Wilson

Okay so where are you going to put them? Psych hospitals and evaluations and shelter need to happen or else they come back! Reno sends us their homeless every winter. Think about how many other cities do that.

Don dada

There crackheads send them to jail they don't wanna work I don't feel sorry for them screw em!!!

John Johnson

Give them the blue coolaide and then give it to the democrat, woke idiots…. As a native Sacramento maidu I’m tired of everyone coming here and demanding… how about you go home to your home state and demand!

Aaron Elijah Colyer

this war on the homeless is unconstitutional and immoral in a state where more and more people are becoming homeless due to greed

Zee Prince

Leaders? You mean the tax scammers!

Emerson 278

Yet another ordinance that won't be enforced ! SMH

listen quitely

She is cleaning saying someone has to do it. Those homeless people are grown a** adults. They need to clean up after themselves.

Damian Moore

Y’all need to provide housing stop bringing illegals here and get the homeless jobs and housing help them

Nancy Pelosi

Educate the Homeless 😆

wesley rodgers

Other countries actually spend enough on social programmes that it almost negates the problem. Help don't criminalise.


We need to make designated campgrounds near the river with assigned camp sites, picnic tables, showers and toilets for these 1500 homeless people…. where else can they go?