Samsung Galaxy A73 5G – 7 Reasons to Avoid (Explained)

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Немања Шкрбић

wtf is dex?


Fuck apple trends

Scott Watts

This guy needs a muzzle


GSMArena Is The Best Most Splendid And MY Go To Website For Complete Specs Of Phones…And When I Looked At The Specs Of This Device~I Was AMAZED!…
I. 6.7 Inch Display[Slightly Above The At Least 6.6 Inch Display I Rather More Prefer]
II. Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G Processor
III. At Least 5000mAh Battery
IV. 108MP Camera
V. [Bonus Surprise]Under Display Fingerprint Sensor…I Was Expecting It To Be Side Mounted…
VI. Surprisingly/Reasonably Priced… Between $400 & $500…
Therefore Made Wonder Why In Bloody Hell Would People Spend $1000 To $1200 For The Galaxy S22 Ultra????????
The Specs On The SAMSUNG GALAXY A73 Are Practically Flagship Level~For About 1/3 The Price…$428 Was The Lowest Price I've Found At Least 2 Places…
Hell I'D Be Happy With That Phone!…


Everyones Opinions Are Different…But I See NO Reason To Avoid This Absolutely Splendid Phone…And I Shan't…In Fact Given It's Bloody Amazing Flagship Level Specs~Im Considering Purchasing This Device…Bugger The Petty Nitpicks People May Have…

Bravin Joshua

I do have SD 845 (POCO F1) and it's fast and the sd778 is even faster lol

Maria Prems

I've been thinking of getting this or Xiaomi's 12 Lite. I'm a camera whore and a gamer as well but I don't mind waiting for the loading screen a little bit while using these "mid-range phones" if it means I get to save a bit of money vs. getting an iphone or a samsung S series.

The absence of a jack is not an issue for me because when playing, I actually find it annoying and prefer to just use the speaker sounds instead. The only thing annoying about bluetooth earphones is that I need to charge it every now and then (which I often forget).

Processor & price wise, Xiaomi's 12 lite is definitely better and cheaper, but longetivity wise I'm leaning towards Samsung's A73.

I read tons of bad reviews about Xiaomi phones not lasting for more than 2 years while my previous Samsung phones have been proven to last atleast 7 years before it totally became unusable. I am also afraid that Xiaomi (China owned) might just eventually become like Huawei (google banned, no google playstore) which is a big no-no for me.

Right now, I'm still not 100% sure of what to get. I have the money to spend but I'd rather be practical since mobile phone's depreciation is so fast.

Aref P

do not waste YouTube hdd's capacity with this nonsense video 😐


A73 is in most ways, an M52… not much improvement…

Jamal cox

Nice to be here again Kevin, watching from guyana 🇬🇾 👌

Krusty Krab Pizza

106° holy sh¡t


I don't even have a phone to compare it with anymore because my Samsung note 9 is BROKEN and it broke my heart.

Ford Smith

this phone is almost good but…

Arpita RC

The BIGGEST reason for me to avoid A73 cause its back looks same as A33, which is almost half the price.
Idiot design nerds

Samir Jhingran

Will this phone get any major updates? Haven't seen this device on the list of Samsung phones getting android 13.

Kevin Lim

Kevin breeze: samsung a73 does not have a charger in the box and no headphone jack
iPhone 14: first time?

Daniel Martinez

106 degrees!? Must be toasty outside

Hero Forever

You're literally comparing a mid-range phone to flagships
Almost all the phones out there ain't getting chargers in the box
You can't compare an A series to S series

Sithu TN

crappy review

Divine Soul

Stupid Video… 🖕
These stupid reasons who cares🤷🏻‍♂️
A73 is one of the best Samsung product ever ❤️


1 No Charger
2 Slow processor compared to flagship
3 No 3.5mm Headphone jack
4 No stylus
5 No wireless charging
6 Build Quality Plastic
7 No support for samsung dex


but you can use a USB C earphone


The only reason to avoid a73 is snapdragon 778 .. otherwise there's no problem with this phone..

Gontse Kganyago

ohhh so we have a bunch of charges… ohhh okay…. THEN REDUCE THE FUCKING PRICE

Eric Wagner

Cheese and Rice, 106 degrees! You may as well just melt.

Sam Musaev

1. No power brick in the box
2. Processor may not be as fast as you expected (??)
3. No headphone jack
4. No stylus
5. No wireless charging
6. Plastic body (rather than metal)
7. No Samsung DeX support

There. I've saved you 10 minutes.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Synthetic benchmarks aren't necessarily a good indicator of how well a phone performs.


18 watt and 25 watt charge at same speed.


The deal breaker was a lack of wireless charging.


More than 7 reasons to avoid this video

America Free

U miss the most important thing , does this device support 5G in USA? N71 missed

Divit Sharma

samsung means premiumness with Android n Android update… Apple means only show peice n looting pocket money only.. i love samsung from last 13 years…😄🎶🔥❤️📱


Bro, just curious, does it support dual sim card?

5 whole Pizzas

What the average Joe doesn't have it's a high watage charger (most of them don't go farther than 5w)


I rather have wireless charging instead of the 108MP camera… my current phone only has 16MP and i hardly use it.


Still better than my crapple

Missy Cabic

Watching this video on my Galaxy S10 plus plus using the 3.5 mm headphone jack. I love having the option.

laptop gamers

Does samsung a73 support power delivery?

Mindaugas Maslauskas

they cuold have done a btter job brow


My phone is caoable of Dex but I don't substitute it for my laptop. Just saying.

Aldo E Arredondo

1. There is no charger included
2. The processor is not as quick as you may think
3. There is no 3.5mm headphone jack
4. There is no built-in stylus
5. There is no wireless charging
6. THe build quality (It's made of plastic, not metal)
7. No Samsung DEX

Mark Montgomery

Comments saved me from watching this *typed on my a73*

feranmi olaifa

Samsung galaxy a73 or iPhone 11 pro max which one should I buy this year

Evgeniy Perekhod

The stylus man? Like c'mon, seriously? The only bs is they don't include the charger in the box, I'm fine with the rest, that's because I got a OnePlus 8 pro 😂😂😂

Chris L

I am looking for a new phone as my s10 battery consumption and life is pretty bad, I would either get a73 or a53.

Jon Kino

Good summary. Thanks.

Jongelino Games

uhm why is there no a73 in germany atm is there any news when this comes out?
i mean my a70 is still good but the battery is slowly getting worse and worse and i dont really want to spend idk money for a new battery for a phone that might only stay in my hands for a few more months

Elton Portal

Brazilian market comes with charge

Marc G

Considering I own stereo equipment pre Bluetooth having a headphone jack was a plus but with samsung removing everything removable battery headphone jack expandable storage compared to the cost I will not buy a name that's what iPhone users do I wish Samsung users in North America would have boycotted the company maybe we could have gotten those things back

Anu Reddy

Which is better Samsung a73 or a53 or one plus 10r