Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 – This Can't Be Real!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has been revealed in a new design & some more key specs leaked! #SamsungGalaxyZFold3 …

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Tom Baker

old low specifications with new higher number ripped off ring any bell's no ? wake up .

Tom Baker

get this point from miserable old git push Samsung to produce 3TB MEMORY PLUS MICRO SD CARD SLOT PLUS GRAPHERE BATTERY 🔋.

Marim Dedew

I am watching this video in mauritania 🇲🇷 and I'm a fan of samsung also I love galaxy folds galaxy phones and tablets. I love you're channel and I love samsung too.

Archie Santos



Brooklyn NY
Really considering switching from the note to the fold…

Jan parchanski

I don't understand why they make 4:3 ration when unfolded. It's useless. If I want to watch YouTube or movies or other videos most of the screen would be blank as most videos are 16:9. Why they don't they make 16:9 ratio when unfolded then? Surely would be massive interest in it.


What do the protective cover look like.

Sean Kelly

Sydney Australia, I love Samsung

John Austen

Watching from Australia

Mo Alyafi

Saudi arabia 🇸🇦

rahul balkawade

Price kiya hey


Sweden here😎


Samsung Fold 3 in one concept could actually be the Samsung Fold Tab, to be released in the first quarter of 2022.

#Fold #Tab #Samsung

Bo-Laurids Jähde

Who's waiting for that masterpiece?

Jasurian Moodley

South Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

alvin crudo

Watching from the Philippines

Dalton Bush

Been waiting for over 2 year knows to decide on a ground breaking device and I can't wait for the fold 3

saul parraga

i think this will be ready in 2022

Apong Fundan

Wish to have that…

Gerry Taylor


chabaka kilumanga

From UK London. I have the Z fold 2 and I love it.

prophet DJS

Nice phone but it would certainly be hard to handle it with one hand

jbitt jbitt

thicker ultra thin glass.

Georgi Georgiev

The only design that make sense as it comes to aspect ratio for media consumption, would be a trifold 🤷🏻‍♂️

Christopher Millington

Australian here

avraham vidal

Israel 🇮🇱

Shawn Kucerak

"If you didn't like it, hit the thumbs down button twice"… lol, that gets a like from me

Paul Sim

LOL – "if you did'nt like hit the thumbs down twice" – awesome.


spen or no spen?

John Dossey

If they really put the s pen in the fold and ditch the Note they are making a miatake in my opinion. Im a full on Note user refuse to buy anything else. Ill be lost without a Note and i hate the s series.

Rahul Sudeep


Guillermo Alvarez

Sd card too please!

David Greatest King Of Israel 🇮🇱

And guess that comes with the trash exynos right?😂. No thanks i left Samsung after s21 ultra came with the same shit cpu. Happy with the 12 pro max.


I'm watching from North Korea. These rebel scum will pay for their blasphemy…

Eric Powell

They need to get rid of the gap in the crease and make it 50% lighter. I'll wait until the 10th version. 😂

Nunya Bizz

Better be water resistant at least🤷🏻


Im watching from Germany greetings !

Aftab alam khan

Watching from south korea


Watching from Barbados

Konix Twenty

These are all steps in the right direction of improving cell phones. However unless this thing becomes super thin with the front screen that’s the same as something like the Note phones I don’t think it’ll become main stream. People are willing to pay premium if the overall specs are good but at this stage it’s too bulky and not high-tech enough. Also the fact that you can see the seam is something that personally turns me off the design. I think this is a kind of esthetic flaw that a lot of people object to.