Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 – It's Officially Faster Than Galaxy S22 Ultra

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Details have emerged of a powerful new device, the Galaxy Fold 4, as well as 3 other Samsung products. Let’s dive in and see what is going on. We have a release date and details that make parts of the Fold 4 superior to the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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Click here to get up to $200 Samsung Credits:
(it's simply free money if you reserve!)

II Parachute Regiment

UK getting the snapdragon????

Melvin Ray Spence III

if they keeping the same screen size im just keep my Fold 2

David Faulcon

No one saying anything about the Spen. Will it come with it. Some pictures show a pen next to it.

JayP Saravia

I'm gonna just wait for Fold 5. My Fold 3 is still running so smooth, not enough improvements to justify an upgrade.

Boxing Fan

I'll be upgrading from my zfold3 to 4 only because I want the 512gb option. This zfold3 has been amazing thus far

Just Saying

Means nothing. They throttle ALL phones' CPUs during regular use.

Fred G.

Yeah but how is battery life. That's the only thing that keeps me away from the fold.


Next year folds better have everything the s line does, they need to be the have all and do all

Aidan McLean

I'm waiting for the Snapdragon W5+ Galaxy Watch, and the tri-fold (triple thicc when folded)

Imran Chishti

I have used a Fold 3 for a year and an S 22 U since it came out . The S 22 U feels dated and cheap. It's lacks the whole experience that the Fold 3 brings to me. No Youtube reviewer has ever described the experience of using both on a daily basis. Everyone compares specs . Getting the Fold 4 Day 1. Getting rid of this cheap S 22 U asap. Once you get used to that gorgeous three screen presence everything else seems like a Why would you? Saki has the most useful information of all leakers though. Everyone is repeating the same junk. Good work Saki. Keep it up. Don't get a Z Fold because if you do you will never like a single screen phone again.

Jerry Taylor

you talk in slo motion dude. i had to put you on 2x speed just to sound normal.

Eclectic Gentleman

S22 Ultra had a better camera and built in S pen plus it's cheaper… It's a no brainer the S22 Ultra is still the King


I'm more concerned about the durability of the inside screen I had my fold less than 4 weeks and It had not one but two dead pixels due to a something lightly taping the screen that wouldn't of happened to me when I had my note 10 this is more of a problem than a crease in my opinion

Mohammed Ali

For people who didn't buy a folding phone before and want a new phone i really encouraging you for buying the new Z fold 4 i assure you all will not regret it , I'm currently have Fold 3 512gb from day one release after I tried it i will never ever buy a normal phone again even if it have a 999 mega pixel camera but currently I will keep my fold 3 and skip the 4 because i still don't have problems with it

Kam Hosein

What makes it faster? In real it doesn't matter (+ lol). I'd argue S22 ultra out performs that lame zfold4 that's essentially a Zfold3

Bruno Diaz

Will the us phone come with the capability of 2 different phone lines. It needs to have 2 imei numbers

Buddhist Elder

So was the best phone, the note


I'll never ever preorder anything from Samsung again. Better wait a few months after release and you'll get the best deals.

Bah Tu

I am using both fold 2 and note 10+. Only time i will upgrade to a newer fold is if it has a chamber to slot the S-pen. Thats my main priority.


So your paying premium for a foldable phone which I like , a trash camera set up , no bigger battery , for that I would switch back to the s22 get more and wait fornthe fold to actually give you something worth the money

Hector Reyes

Saki!!! Hi

Lyle Graff

It may be faster but will it be noticeable??? Gimmicks 🤔


I'm gonna finally jump on the fold train. I'm hyped. Coming from galaxy note 20 ultra. Which I had since it came out. I want some new tech.

Drone The World 4K

Every other phone is faster than the other phone so what's new 🤷‍♂️

Martin Crombie

My eyes will welcome a bigger screen just hope Three UK don't charge £90 a month for one…😢