Samsung Z Fold 4 + Flip 4 – First Impressions: Does It Make Sense?

Early thoughts and impressions on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Z Flip 4.

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Loving the videos😁 can't wait to see a Day in life with this phone. Much love! 💪🏾

fifa expert go

I like all your videos 😙 but please i have a question
What are you doing as work ? ( your job)


I need a day in the life with the samsung a53

Aubin Baldonado

Yeeees, really nice to use the Fold 4, too bad they didn't make a space for the S Pen, that would have been lit.

Very Interesting Personalities

How’s this the future?
It’s like rolling back…

David Boudný

will you do a review on nothing phone?

Kreiger Bailey

Portland, JAMAICA in the Building !!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie Alpha

Where have you been bro? It was 2 weeks since your last upload😂 By the way this vid is lit. 🔥


Suggestion!! try doing reviews of this midrangers especially the redmis and sumsung




I used to think the Z flip was corny, but now I think it looks pretty interesting

bamlak adnew

yea do day in the life


Every time I gain Gud knowledge👌👌

John Ajagu

Nice Rollie Bruv

Farhan Ali

Day in the life?

diandre carty

13 pro long term review

Realist Mali

That thumbnail is 10/10 👌 👏


Again, another banger video!

Orlando hemingway

This is a good Jamaican brudda

Orlando hemingway

Lets go a new video

Khi TV

$2500 for a folding phone? That’s a MacBook Pro lol


The video was sick Shevon I love it

Rakan Majesty

I saw u vibing to Burna boys song " las las e dn cast na everybody go chop breakfast" pls shevon salmon what do u understand in that song…..?


looks good man! love the vid


Nothing has changed just minor improvement


Yessir 📂


Your videos are just too good✌✌

Will Jan

😂😂 make a day in life … much love from uganda


I really like how those buds are looking though! CLEAN



Tech Stuff With Alex

Forever delivering helpful observations! 🙏🏼

Siddharth Kumar

man wearing a submariner





Kamya David

Hey bro

SN95 Mustang Garage

Candles is Canadian Dollars? I just can't get into the crease in the center. That has to get worse in time. Someone (probably Apple) will create a flip / fold with a no visible screen imperfections. Samsung is getting better though. The Z-Fold 4 is $1,799 in the USA though, that's still an insane price tag. If these were $1,199 they would sell out of them.

Ruben Hanss

Pretty lit phone nice video tho


Aye aye

Sarpong Junior

Your videos are always on fire 🔥🔥🔥

Luis Carlos Delgado Varela

Great! Could you do a long term review of the pixel 6?