Secret welding trick the insurance companies don’t want you to know about🔥

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G King

What about my car's extended warranty ?

John Schmidt

Yea ok nerd.

Sean Galligan

Tyler, your gear is too clean. Means u ain't working.

Viper Undersea

Put your weld mask down foo

Roland O

Is there a secret stimulus as well.

Usbaldo Alaffa

Hey Mr Tyler can you make a video showing a 7616 root pass uphill for in service welding I think you and your instructors are very well capable of showing a good video on that process if you can put a good presentable bead in that pipe I'll give you credit for all the compliments that you give yourself out there I mean that with no disrespect you guys are amazing welders

TX Citizen

Nope! I love the channel and I’m very impressed with WWA, but brother you lost me the second you tapped the screen. I consider that very rude, and as a former drill sergeant I am, I would’ve flipped your lid should you act that punk with me! Don’t ever forget that as an instructor at WWA you are the school’s face so you represent them. You can do better 🫵

Steve Macoy

How do I see it?

Nathan Garcia


Maddog Mat

3rd time asking 🤕
Army vet and wanna learn the welding trade.

ruben reyes

Don't be tapping my phone with that hammer 🔨🤨📳


This 2g sched 80 ⅛ inch filler and tungsten is kicking my ass! Can't wait to see it!

Санжай Ринчинов

I'm waiting

Rollin Coal YT

is that an outlaw ordnance sticker on your helmet

Sean Taylor

Automatic diklike an do not show channel again not here for an ad

Christian W.

Please Youtube give me at least videos with some content… I am tired of this garbage…

Jeronimo Cortez